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Executive Committee

December 2, 2011

Meeting Notes

Present: Andrew McLean, Mary-Anne LaMarre, Joan McDonald, Eileen Smart, Drew Matlins, Maryalice Crofton, Joel Russ


Update on Part FF:  The committee's report is available. The report has an appendix with the draft of the bill language to implement all the changes. Section J pertains to MCCS and has two unexpected/new elements: an unusual statutory prohibition against ever appropriating general funds for MCCS; and, a change in the involvement of the Commission in hiring and supervising the Executive Director. The language currently says the person is hired with the advice and consent of the Commissioners. The draft bill changes that to consultation with the Commission. There was discussion about the implications of these two elements.

Chairman LaMarre asked for assistance in formulating a plan to reach out to grantees and partners. Drew offered to draft a letter that could be sent. Others are following up with their contacts.

The Part FF report is to be presented to the Appropriations Committee next week. The bill will then be finalized.

AmeriCorps Grant Competitions: There is work to be done under the AmeriCorps Competitive operating grants but no proposals were submitted for planning grants. MCCS staff polled everyone who registered to receive the application instructions. There is not a dominant reason but there is an awareness that there isn't a federal appropriation for National Service.

Continuation Action for Volunteer Generation Grants: As discussed at the November Commission meeting, the VGF continuation decisions need to be made for grants ending their first year of work on December 31. Joan noted she has a conflict of interest because her organization receives funding from the United Ways. However, the Grants Task Force has reviewed the continuation applications and funding requests for year two of the three-year grant and recommends approving the additional funding.

Drew moved and Joel seconded to award year two funding to the following VGF grantees: United Way of Eastern Maine, United Way of TriValley Area, United Way of Midcoast Maine, United Way of Greater Portland, United Way of York County.

Roll call vote.  Affirmative - LaMarre, Matlins, McLean, Russ. Opposed - none. Abstentions - McDonald, Smart.

Updates:  There was brief discussion of Public Information and Education activities. Krysta has reserved the Hall of Flags for National Service Day at the Capital (Feb 23) and Governor's Service Awards (April 17). The former may change if there is no session on February 23.