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Executive Committee

November 5, 2012

PRESENT:  Joan McDonald, Drew Matlins, Casey Bromberg, Ron Holmes, Maryalice Crofton

MOA with Southern Maine COAD 
The text of the agreement was reviewed and the reason it is happening. Southern Maine COAD moved from being an unincorporated collaboration to being a formal nonprofit this year. It is formalizing its relationships with partners.

Exec Committee members recommend the full Commission sign onto the MOA. This item will go on the November agenda.

Support grant application and Budget overview 
Committee members reviewed the narrative application material and then moved to the budget detail. There was discussion of staffing and match changes. While Resource Development explores long term opportunities to fulfill the mission through grant-making and initiatives, we may need to locate in-kind assistance with expenses that had been covered by General Funds (e.g., printing annual report). It was noted that the outreach level has been preserved because it generates so much match. And the match shown is not the statutory match but the requested level in a waiver application submitted.

There is no greater clarity about restoration of the minimum funding for state commissions. The national teleconference for State Commissions discussed what is in the appropriation bills that have not been considered. The Senate sentiment around disability is that CNCS can sort that out however it feels best because there is no appropriation and, therefore, no appropriators' guidance or direction. For PDAT, the Senate oversight committee did mark up the appropriations bill and rolled PDAT funding into Commission Support. That is the best approach for states because it puts resources back into training and program support. There will be no further info until February.

Exec Committee members recommend the full Commission approve the budget plan submitted.

Bangor project 
The AmeriCorps*State NOFO contains a unique grant opportunity that hasn't appeared for about 10 years. Each state commission may submit for consideration a joint application from a Mayor and its Governor for operation of an initiative that targets one city and a particular problem. The applicant cannot be the Commission - it must be either a department designated by the Mayor or the Governor.

Based on the current distribution of National Service program funding - AmeriCorps*State in particular - MCCS staff recommend focusing on Bangor and seeing if there is interest in the city office for this opportunity.

There are some challenges related to timing. The current mayor is not running for re-election but the application has to be submitted (if it goes forward) in less than 10 weeks. There are many moving parts to plan and coordinate. The good news is this initiative is one the Commission can have a large hand in coaching and advising.  

Meeting ended at 4:04 pm