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Executive Committee

April 6, 2012

Present: Drew Matlins, Joan McDonald, Andrew McLean, Eileen Smart, Maryalice Crofton

Meeting Notes:

  • Debrief from Mary-Anne on last week's meeting of State Service Commissions.
    Mary-Anne has jury duty today so this will need to wait for Commission meeting. It was noted that confirmation of the new CNCS agency director occurred the last day of this meeting.
  • SPO/MCCS changes and update.
    Move date has changed from mid-May to April 27. Location of new office has not been revealed except we are still going to be somewhere in the Cross Office Building. Details about match that are needed to prepare budget revision are not known. Legislative language has been through both oversight and Appropriations Committee. No changes to MCCS language. Several Commissioners did attend the hearing before Appropriations.
  • Recruiting new candidates for board
    Members discussed outreach strategies so that a full-slate goes to Governor's Office. It doesn't seem to make a difference when we send them. Appointments don't come through until October. Members will reach out to potential candidates. Everyone was reminded that the application and role description are on the Hub. Please let Drew know of results. Need candidates ready to present for recommendation in June.
  • Developing officer slate
    No Commission members have volunteered. Potential draftees were discussed and Drew will explore their interest.
  • Outreach to Congressional delegation before there is any crisis
    The Commission has found itself in the position of asking members of our delegation for help in a number of funding crises recently. We'd like to move to having an opportunity to talk with them about other issues and not under the pressure of some budget deadline. Options were discussed but this needs to be organized by PIE. Andrew will not be in Maine for the next Commission meeting so will try to organize a conference call prior to 4/20.
  • Task Force updates
    PIE has been tied up with GSA preparations. Everything seems to be in place. E&E met to review strategic plan. More has been accomplished than they realized. Selected one action to focus on for this year. Grants is waiting for all the deadlines on April 26 and then will go into high gear. Board Development (Joel) and Service-learning were not present.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:15 am.