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Executive Committee

June 1, 2012

Present:  Mary-Anne LaMarre, Drew Matlins, Joan McDonald

  • Retreat planners meeting. Drew recommended meeting after the board meeting on June 15. Maryalice is working on the site. The potential dates (using board poll results) are Aug. 21, 22, or 23.
  • Nomination progress. Nearly 15 people have been asked but the responses are coming in slowly. Board Development will have to postpone meeting until June 14. Maryalice will send out an update to the board.
  • The struggles grants is having. These were resolved before today.
  • Update from PIE's meeting on Wednesday. Andrew was not on the call so Maryalice gave a summary of discussion. Minutes will be posted.
  • Interviews to fill Krysta's position are proceeding.