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Executive Committee

August 7, 2012

Convened by teleconference @ 3:30 pm.

ATTENDANCE: Drew Matlins, Joan McDonald, Maryalice Crofton, John Portela


  • Update on Board Retreat. The agenda is still under revision but is nearly final. Sarah Forster from the AG's office will present and Barbara Thomas from ServeNebraska will attend by web conference. About 15 people are attending each day but not the same set. A third of attendees are candidates recommended for appointment.
  • Committee assignments. Drew will talk with the people he wants to appoint as chairs of task forces during the retreat. Joan will remain as chair of Grant Selection and Performance. He will also let people know how to indicate their preference for serving on a task force. The goal is to make assignments at the September meeting.
  • Update on processing new appointments. The Office of Boards and Commissions will not be processing personal appointments until September; however, everything is there and ready for their attention.
  • How to handle new member orientation so it doesn't last 6 months. The orientation process is well laid out but has proven to interfere with task force business for too long a period of time. Options for consolidating the format were discussed. It was agreed that no content should be dropped. The format that got consensus support was to have new members meet the afternoon of their first board meeting for part one. Then do a segment the following month of the same length with the final session being in December when the Commission does not have a board meeting. This would mean new Commissioners would be ready for full participation by January.
  • Award to Downeast Resource, Conservation, and Development for Volunteer Generation Fund.
    Grants had reviewed a proposal under which funding to develop the volunteer managers support group would transfer from Maine Seacoast Mission to Downeast RCD. The task force recommends making the transfer and award of $3,000. A summary of the application was distributed to members before this meeting.

    Moved by Portela to award Downeast RCD $3,000 to continue development of the volunteer managers' network in Washington County. Second by Matlins. Roll call vote: Yes - Matlins, Portela, McDonald. No opposed. Motion passed.
  • No further business. Adjourned at 4:10 pm