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Executive Committee

May 6, 2013

Present: Drew Matlins, Joan McDonald, John Portela, Ron Holmes, Eileen Smart

Not attending: Casey Bromberg, Mary-Anne LaMarre, Mark Hews

Members discussed an issue raised by most of the members present at the April meeting: ensuring a quorum is present in order to conduct business.

It was noted that the cause is not lack of attendance by a specific set of people and certainly everyone has times when business prevents them from attending.

The challenge with electronic attendance (phone or web meeting) is the law requires that there be a quorum in the room which was published as the location of the meeting. Once a quorum is established, then others can participate in votes and meeting business.

The frequency of meetings is driven largely by the grant submission times. At present, the Commission meets eight times during the year plus the retreat. It was noted that, even though the candidate recruitment and new member orientation try to describe the level of activity required of members, the meaning is hard to grasp until one starts serving.

Exec members decided to poll all board members to see if there is a time/day in the month when attendance would be higher. Such a poll has not been done for 5 years and the membership has completely changed.

A request was made for a chart showing the number of members attending each meeting since September with quorum needed for the same.

The second request was for a prompt card for presiders with an outline of key procedures.

Final business was announcements and reminders. 
-As planned, the Maine Community Foundation will attend the May meeting. 
-Interviews for the Planning and Research Associate position will be this Thursday.

-There are 15 responses to the combined Board Development and Strategic Planning poll of members. The survey closes on Wednesday.

Meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm