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Executive Committee

August 5, 2013

PRESENT: Ron Holmes, Joan McDonald, Mark Hews, Drew Matlins, Eileen Smart, Maryalice Crofton, and VISTA Barbara Bixby

Maryalice gave an update on the changes in the office personnel.

Two new VISTAs have joined, replacing those who finished their terms earlier in the year. Barbara Bixby will help the Resource Development Task Force with plans and launch of the donor advised fund. Ellen Ryan is going to focus on the final pieces of the 3-year service-learning plan.

Brianne Hasty has accepted a 3-day per week appointment as the MCCS Planning and Research Associate. Her role includes helping process contracts, monitor grant budgets, and organizing MCCS events.

The Senior Planner position vacated by Meredith Eaton would normally be next in line for action; however, the news about funding level for the next year has not come from CNCS. Maryalice will keep everyone posted.

A second candidate for the public safety vacancy was presented to Executive Committee members. Dwane Hubert (not seeking reappointment) strongly recommended another MEMA staff person, Richard Higgins. MCCS members will remember that Richard was the service-learning VISTA from Feb 2012 to Feb 2013. Board Development reviewed his applications and recommend his name be forwarded to the Governor for consideration.

Holmes moved that Richard Higgins be recommended to for appointment to the Commission for a 3-year term. Second by Matlins. Roll call vote: Yes - Holmes, McDonald, Hews, Matlins. None opposed. Abstention - Smart.

The task force sent an evaluation to all Commissioners. The results will be considered at the next meeting (Aug. 23).  So far, there are 5 responses.

The plan for the public input process has been developed and an email to local hosts went out last week. The goal is to nail down the details (place, date) before the end of August.

Nothing to report. The next meeting is August 16.

The VISTA is doing background and prep work. As part of this, she was asked to connect with other state service commissions that had indicated having experience with fund development.

Barbara Bixby developed a draft report which was distributed to Exec Committee last week. She discussed the findings so far and noted the Maine Commission's approach would seem to be the best, given what she has heard from others. MCCS won't be able to follow in someone else's footsteps - it is "making the path by walking it." Mark Hews thanked Barbara for the clear and thorough report. A final version will be available for the full Commission at the September meeting.

The teleconference meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m.