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Executive Committee

September 3, 2013

 PRESENT: Ron Holmes, Drew Matlins, John Portola, Barbara Wentworth, Maryanne LaMarre.

 Michael Ashmore and VISTA Barbara Bixby


Poll of task forces re: items for Sept agenda & Updates

PIE/Public Policy

  • JP reported that work has been primarily setting up congressional visits and that progress was slow.  He also noted that the group would be getting together to discuss 20th anniversary observances

Board Development

  • RH reported that work has been focused on planning for upcoming Public Input regarding revision of State Service Plan; 5 meetings are scheduled, with different commissioners helping to set up each.  Observation was made that dates need to be put on Commissioner’s calendar. DM noted that Oct. 23rd may require a new location.  Group would like to move this to the Commission Agenda

Resource Development was cancelled but a follow up call will be made to review items related to B. Bixby’s landscape report prior to Commission meeting


  • Grants meeting was primarily concerned with updates on new grantees and initial training.  A recommendation from GTF was to create a (rough) timeline of competition schedules so that members and potential reviewers will understand the scope of the work

No other updates offered

Chair noted that changes in board committee assignments needs to on the Commission agenda


Recommendation for update from ASC on Congressional budget issues (videoconference)

The group discussed the merits of waiting until October meeting to include this item on the Commission agenda. It was determined, based on the relative importance of the item that it should be included on the September agenda


Organizing for Commission Agenda –setting dates, task force assignments, task force meeting times, changes in chairs of task forces, etc.

A review of Task Force assignments indicated that two members did not have active assignments.  Chair indicated that he would contact the members prior to meeting to check on their preferred assignments.  New members will be assigned to Grants or PIE.  Discussion of timing of task force meetings was raised.  Chairs were asked to poll membership about time changes caused by movement of Commission meeting.  It was noted that Board Development will need shuffling when leadership of Commission rolls over.


Do we still invite the “in waiting” nominees? Consensus is to invite new nominees to meeting. – Staff will extend invite


Report from Barbara Bixby, Resource Development VISTA; discussion

RH and others complimented BB on quality of work and report.  Body of data is similar to earlier version but implications have been reviewed with a number of others.  Specifics of the included recommendations have changed as a result.  These were discussed with the group who felt that the report should be presented to larger Commission and, thus, the topic needs to be on September agenda.  BB will facilitate discussion.  Chair noted that some specific examples would help illuminate the recommendations. It was decided that Resource Development members would participate in a phone conversation to help coordinate prior to the Commission meeting .


Group thanked BB for work. 


No other topics