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Executive Committee

December 7, 2015


Present: Ron Holmes, Celeste Branham, David Wihry, Maryalice Crofton

The session convened at 3:04 pm by teleconference.

New applications for Commission seats 
Since the commission meeting, two applications for appointment have been received. Carol Rancourt from the RSVP program at Southern Maine Area Agency on Aging is interested in taking the National Service representative seat which has traditionally been filled by a Senior Corps representative. She would succeed Susan Lavigne.

As noted at the last Commission meeting, Richard Higgins is leaving the Commission because he has accepted a job out of state. He has the seat for public safety and it has been filled by someone from emergency management since 2001. An application has been submitted by Jared McCannell who is the emergency volunteer coordinator for Maine CDC.

After review and discussion, Executive Committee members agreed to submit the applications to the Governor’s Office for appointment consideration.

If these two people are appointed there would be only five vacancies on the Commission. Candidates would be included in recruitment for summer 2016 recommendations to the Governor.

Plan of Work to present to the Maine Volunteer Foundation  
As the Foundation board organized and developed plans to start conversations with potential partners, it asked for a case statement with funding priorities and amounts. Maryalice worked with Christine Force on the document. Because it constitutes the “plan of work” to be negotiated annually between MCCS and the Foundation it needs Executive Committee endorsement. It would then be brought to the Foundation at their December meeting.

Executive Committee members discussed the projects and amounts. It was noted that some items might be pro bono services rather than cash which is fine. Members unanimously supported the work plan.

Briefing on federal budget and Maine role in approps changes  
Ron is a member of the ASC public policy committee. A small number of members including Maine have worked to restore training and technical assistance funding which was lost around 2011. The heavy lifting on this has been done by other states but the interest of Maine’s Senators has helped considerably. Everyone is waiting for the omnibus bill to be published to see exactly how the funding is restored. Appropriations committee staff are in communication with ASC representatives in Washington. This issue is not on the CNCS advocacy list but an independent effort of the state commissions.

Polloquin visit update  
Commission staff had conversations with Representative Polloquin’s staff. There is a commitment to visit with National Service programs early next year but most likely not until end of first quarter. Mike is keeping this channel open.

The meeting ended at 3:56 pm. Happy holidays!