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Executive Committee

January 4, 2016

Present: Ron Holmes, Celeste Branham, David Wihry, John Portela, Maryalice Crofton

 The session convened at 3:00 pm by teleconference.

 Board orientation.  
The new commissioners selected 9 am for an hour before the meeting. The outline needs to be adjusted to reflect that task forces will do briefings for the entire commission and don’t need a redundant time on this agenda. Maryalice will adjust the agendas for the 4 sessions and send them to the officers on 1/6. Each will identify which part they will present so the agendas for participants can be updated.

Unexpected MCCS audit.  
The staff holiday surprise was notice from the State of Maine auditor that the AmeriCorps grants are being audited. The audit begins January 8. It’s actually a good thing as it will set the stage for a federal review in late spring.

Near Future Staffing Arrangement for MCCS  
The training and program development funding was included in the federal budget which is an agreement for two years. The funding was not authorized under the Subtitle J training section but under the AmeriCorps line and CNCS was directed to pass at least $7.5 M to state commissions. The prediction is that CNCS won’t be able to grant the money until early spring but Commissions are already planning for restoring this function. Maryalice asked for Commissioner thoughts on staffing and best use of the open positions. Executive Committee discussed strategic plan needs and options. This could be an opportunity to adjust duties among current staff and add new skills through a new hire. The big unknown in everything is what restrictions and requirements CNCS will put on the funds.

The future of the Resource Development Task Force  
Resource Development was created to carry out the functions that are now designated to the Maine Volunteer Foundation. As time passed, the task force did the research and design that led to starting the foundation. Because that entailed legislative action the task force joined the work of Public Policy last year. The only fund development that remains with the Commission is work that will occur between now and when the foundation is certified as nonprofit. After that, event sponsorship is likely to be an MCCS responsibility.

ACTION for the Commission proposed by the Executive Committee:  
Resource Development Task Force be retired and sponsorship development for events be assigned to organizing committees.

Commission liaison to the Maine Volunteer Foundation be identified from Commissioners.
The Executive Director is an ex-officio member of the MVF board but this would help with communication and planning on the Commission’s part.

MCCS leadership needs  
Executive Committee members had a general discussion about openings for Vice-chair and some task force chairs. Elections in June seem far away now but the reality of our work is they will come very fast. Members will reach out to potential leaders to ascertain interest and availability. Board Development will take reports and develop the slate. For task force chairs, Ron will make appointments when leaders are identified.

There being no further items for discussion, the meeting closed at 3:58 pm.