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Executive Committee

February 6, 2017

PRESENT: David Wihry, Barbara Wentworth, John Portela

The meeting started at 3:05 pm by teleconference. 

* Potential Strategic Plan facilitator and new model. Commissioners discussed a potential facilitator for the strategic planning process. This person is familiar with the new model MCCS wants to use and was located by asking a network of planners. He is a new resident of Maine with experience working internationally, in state governments, and in the private sector. He’s interested in knowing more about the Commission. Everyone agreed the first step is to have an informal meeting to see if expectations and approaches would mesh. Maryalice was asked to check his availability and work within Exec members schedules to set a meeting.

*Appointments to the Commission. John will reach out to the member of the Governor’s staff who is reviewing them and ask for a meeting. 

*Public Information and Education task force really needs a chair. A potential candidate was discussed and John will follow up with the person.

*The legal applicant for AmeriCorps Somerset County has decided not to complete the grant period. Both internal champions for the program have left the organization. The program has struggled with enrollment and not acted on MCCS recommendations to change their approach to recruitment. Because this is a formula program, the Commission can regrant the funds. The Grant Selection task force is discussing several options for changes in the Maine Rural AmeriCorps model. They will share their recommendations at the March meeting.

* Barb reported there’s a lot happening in Excellence and Expertise. Most recently they’ve been working on how to articulate the continuum of volunteer management options.

* The Maine Volunteer Foundation asked Executive Committee for a formal indication of MCCS interest in collaborating on a Maine Community Foundation grant proposal. The application will seek support for the strategic plan to be done jointly by MCCS and MVF. It will also request funds for a stipended skilled volunteer to get the foundation to the point it can contract for staffing. Executive needs to act because the proposal is due in 10 days and there is no business meeting in February. Barb moved to authorize working with the foundation on the proposal. John seconded. Voting in favor: John, Barb, David

There being no further items for discussion, the meeting ended at 3:47 pm.