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Executive Committee

August 7, 2017

PRESENT:  David Wihry, Celeste Branham, John Portela, Maryalice Crofton

The Executive Committee regular monthly meeting convened at 3:05 pm by teleconference. 

Final Session for New Commissioner Orientation  
The goal is to complete orientation before the September meeting. Since August is a difficult month for meetings, the decision is to record the final session as segments presented by the officers. New members can “attend” online at their convenience. Segment assignments were as follows: review statutory content (John) and mission; commissioner roles/ethics/meeting conduct/conflict of interest (Celeste); roles of task forces (David), array of national service programs (Maryalice). Goal is to do by August 14.

MCCS Volunteer Generation Fund application.  
On review, Exec Committee supported the application. It was noted that the approach was developed by the E&E task force. Maryalice reported that CNCS has notified states it will start negotiation on August 8 (tomorrow) so we have no indication of the application’s status.

Commission appointments for terms ending Sept (open seats and reappointments)  
Celeste reported that four people with expiring terms would like to be reappointed. They are Ron Holmes, Melik Khoury, Ed Barrett, and Carol Rancourt. John received word from Jacinda Goodwin that she does not want to be reappointed. Ross is still pending. He finished out someone else’s term and is awaiting a decision on whether he will be reappointed to his own full term. Sean Ingram has not responded. Two seats are open. Mandela Gardner has resigned because he found a new job in a new area. There is one year left on his term. Barb Wentworth is searching to identify potential successor for consideration. Final tally of seats: 3 still pending; 1 prematurely empty; 4 seeking another 3-year term; 2 vacancies for 3 year terms.

It was noted that Barb’s departure means two task forces need chairs.

Staff research results.  
The follow-up survey of AmeriCorps host sites is completed and results prepared. The staff question is whether the results should be considered by E&E or Grants. After discussion, it was decided to present to the Grants Task Force since the issues reviewed are part of grant selection, continuation, and performance assessments.

The meeting ended at 4:00 pm