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Executive Committee

October 2, 2018

PRESENT: Celeste Branham, Ed Barrett, Nicole Pellenz, Maryalice Crofton 

Task force and committee assignments.  
Based on requests received to date, Celeste plans to make the following assignments:

  • Public Information and Education (to encompass marketing/branding issues): Jamie Logan, Jenifer Tilton-Flood, Doug Horner, Libby Hite, Maria Staples
  • Grant Selection and Performance: Joe Schmidt, Ed Barrett, Deb Johnson
  • Executive: Nicole Pellenz, Ed Barrett, Celeste Branham, John Portela
  • Financial Oversight: Luke Shorty, David Burns, Peter Doak
  • 25th Anniversary: John Portela, Celeste Branham, Maryalice Crofton, Luke Shorty and “public” members MaryAnne LaMarre (former MCCS chair) and Ron Holmes (former MCCS chair and current MVF board member).
  • Maine Service Fellows – Libby Hite, John Portela, David Burns

 It was noted that no one asked to serve on Excellence and Expertise so this training advisory group will be dormant.

 October agenda items.  
Appointments will be announced including chairs of task forces and ad hoc committees. Celeste and Maryalice are meeting with the retreat facilitator. The “parking lot” issues from the retreat will be scheduled so that everything is addressed by end of the March meeting. Need a Commissioner to serve on States for Service to keep it tied to MCCS public policy positions. Commissioners will be asked to sign thank you letters to Maine Members of Congress and several other leaders who championed the $19 million increase for National Service. The budget for Jan-Dec 2019 will be presented. In light of that, Celeste asked Maryalice to lead the Commissioners on a deep dive into Commission operation funding.

Outreach to candidates for state leadership.  
This should now shift to outreach to whoever is elected. No action needed until after November 6.

States for Service and MCCS Public Policy Task Force.  
Members of the public can join by paying individual dues. Without a Commission member in the mix, the Maine States for Service members advocate for individual interests with Members of Congress. It is very important to be coordinated. Best solution is to identify a Commissioner who would join as an individual and then provide leadership to the ad hoc members.

October and November meeting locations.  
The Secretary of State’s office is moving in early to set up for election processing. Members agreed to ask Deb Johnson if she can host both meetings at DECD. In January, meetings will return to Elkins.

 Anniversary committee.  
First meeting will be mid-November.   

Other issues discussed briefly were the items on Grant Selection and Performance’s agenda for later in the week. The Inspector General audit completed the first phase at the Commission and is moving to audit two subgrantees. During this time, they will continue working through their review of the Commission (desk review of documents) and then to a full exit conference.

Maryalice reported on efforts to fill the Secretary Specialist position. Of 15 candidates, 1 showed for an interview, 3 were no-shows, and 11 withdrew after accepting interviews. The position will re-open October 4 and close October 17.

There being no other business, the group dispersed at 4:04 pm.