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Executive Committee

February 6, 2018

PRESENT: David Wihry, John Portela, Maryalice Crofton

The session convened by teleconference at 3pm. 

Scheduling new commissioner orientation. Since there are only two new people, it can be small group. Maryalice was asked to find out whether they prefer before or after March/April/May meetings.

Task force updates. Only Grant Selection and Performance was represented. The last meeting gave the group a chance to provide staff with feedback on updates of the monitoring policy and schedule. The timeline for grants was reviewed. Three AmeriCorps competitions are scheduled and one for Volunteer Generation fund. The task force asked E&E to help by doing the review of VGF and developing those funding recommendations.

Guidance from AAG on Exec meeting. The person has not been available. Issue postponed until March committee session.

Leadership development. Nicole Pellenz will represent the Commissioners at the annual ASC convening of state service commission executive directors and commissioners. They will be in Washington, DC the week of February 12. The agenda includes some training but also policy discussions with the new senior leadership team of CNCS. Everyone is hoping the newly appointed CEO of the federal agency will attend.

Laying the groundwork for administrative transition. The discussion centered around whether to re-establish the Public Policy Committee, have PIE do the preparation, involve the Maine States for Service group, or have Executive Committee manage this item. The decision was to have Exec manage and coordinate with any of the others as needed. No action is required until after primaries in June.

The staff have learned that MCCS is one of the Commissions on the OIG audit workplan for 2018. It has been 10 years so it is to be expected. Maryalice will connect with colleagues to learn how the process has evolved. The last audit was very adversarial because the auditors did not have accurate information on federal policies and requirements.

Candidates submitted for consideration as nominees. John will ask Boards and Commissions if Anita McCafferty or Jennifer Tilton Flood have been reviewed.

There being no other business, the session ended at 3:45 pm.