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Executive Committee

April 3, 2018

Present: John Portela, Melik Khoury, Carol Rancourt

 The work session convened at 3pm by teleconference.

 Discussion items.  

- Congressional appreciations for National Service appropriations 
The State Service Commissions are organizing an appreciation campaign. Maryalice was asked to bring hard copies of the letters to the April 6 event so Commissioners can sign them.

- Possible candidates for nomination  
Four individuals have been referred by the Governor’s staff to John, Celeste, and Maryalice for background information on the Commission: Doug Horner of Freeport, Luke Shorty of Limestone, Andrea Zuniga of Mount Vernon, and Katie Shorey of Portland. John has connected with all four and either Celeste or Maryalice have had follow up exchanges. It’s expected they will be appointed before June.

- Final steps for strategic plan 
After the vision conference on Friday, the team will meet one last time to integrate all the feedback. The draft plan should be ready for a first review by the Commission in May and adoption in June. It was noted the attendance registration for Friday has remained very high.

- Thoughts on “child welfare” AmeriCorps application for the fall  
With changes in funding supports for community child abuse prevention programs, the expected AmeriCorps applicant withdrew. This opens new opportunities and Commissioners present were asked for thoughts on potential partners and approaches. The conversation yielded recommendations that will be passed to Michael.

- Predicted impact of appropriations increase for MCCS/Maine  
There is no official word from CNCS on allocations and increases in funds to grant but the national association (ASC) has done some calculations using the existing formulas for distribution. MCCS can expect about $5,000 (2%) increase in the commission operating grant; nearly $20,000 in the training and program development grant; and $13,000 in formula AmeriCorps funds. The training/program development grant is predicted to again have an 18 month term but overlap by six months with the existing grant. The timing will create a one-time opportunity to tackle program evaluation needs. It is likely there will not be more than 14 days to respond to grant amendments so Commissioners were asked for their feedback. Those present agreed program evaluation is the best target for investing funds.

- Upcoming meetings  
The April meeting invitations are eliciting a strong response from National Service staff. Thankfully there isn’t a packed agenda for the business meeting. The May agenda will require a significant block of time to walk through the draft strategic plan. June is going to be a packed agenda with grant award votes and final votes on the strategic plan. 

- Final language for the Executive Committee motion  
The legislation that could have impacted the language of the motion all died in committee. John and Celeste will edit the existing text to conform to requirements. The motion should be addressed at the April meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting concluded at 3:50 pm.