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Executive Committee

May 1, 2018

PRESENT: Carol Rancourt, John Portela, Maryalice Crofton


Commission Support Increase.   
As a result of the appropriation signed recently, small state commissions will see a $10,000 increase in funding through December 31. Maryalice recommends that part of the funding cover a September Commission Retreat and the balance go to paying a graduate student from UMaine to help organize the October conference. Carol and John concurred. 

Relationship between States for Service and Commission Public Policy task force  
The original vision of States for Service being one or two Commissioners who were pipelines into the Commission was changed to be whoever applied from a state and paid. The Maine membership of States for Service has little connection with the MCCS Public Policy task force. This has led to some “near misses” in recent communication with elected officials. 

After discussion, it was agreed that Public Policy must be the lead for the state and the Commission member on States for Service needs to be from or added to Public Policy. David is currently the Commissioner on States for Service but would like to be relieved of the role. Officers will need to find a successor and orient the person to the desired relationship. 

Final language for board motion  
The prior version was modified to read:  
Move to authorize the Executive Committee to vote on urgent business that must be acted upon before the next Commission meeting. A description of the business and its urgency will be emailed, whenever possible, to all Commissioners with a request for their input. A public notice of this Executive Committee meeting date and location must be posted at least three business days prior to its occurrence.  
The motion will be presented for action at the next business meeting in June. 

Update on AmeriCorps Competitive grant applications  
CNCS has indicated it will announce funding decisions on May 29. No other information so far.

Candidates for appointment to Commission  
Maryalice met with Scott VanOrman who is the director for the Office of Boards and Commissions. There are eight new applicants in the file he received when Aaron Chadbourne left the governor’s staff. He also noted the people up for reappointment in September and some who are pending reappointment. He will start working on the group to get seats filled.  

Final strategic plan meeting  
The item was on the agenda to get input from those who are not on the team. Carol and John both serve on the team so no time was spent on this.  

Commission retreat  
The retreat will be paired with the September business meeting which is always devoted to organizing for the year. That means the combined events will be on Thursday, September 20, and Friday, September 21.

Kaira Esgate of ASC will be asked to facilitate because part of the retreat needs to be introduction of Commissions and their responsibilities.

The meeting closed at 4:09 pm.