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Executive Committee

February 6, 2019

PRESENT: Jamie Logan, John Portela, Celeste Branham, Ed Barrett, Libby Hite, Maryalice Crofton

The members met starting at 4pm by teleconference .

REAPPOINTMENTS AND VACANCIES ON COMMISSION. Celeste would like to focus on getting the reappointments taken care of first. Maryalice reported the new administration is using the same forms but everyone will need to complete a new set. She will send members their applications from last summer with a request to return by February 15 so they can get in the queue. The new director of Boards and Commissions is Melissa ONeal. Maryalice spoke with her and, as expected, the first priority is confirmable appointments. The Commission goal is to have everything in her hands when they turn their attention to personal appointments.

There are six vacancies and some others serving as their own replacements. Celeste asked Maryalice to send her a description of the open seats. She will then email board members a request for potential candidate referrals. Staff can add to the pool of candidates as well.

FINANCIAL OVERSIGHT MISSION STATEMENT. Exec Committee had been sent the draft mission statement for Financial Oversight by members of that task force. Exec was asked for feedback. Celeste offered to incorporate the suggestions discussed and send an edited mission statement for forwarding to Financial Oversight.

NEXT MEETING DATE. The annual schedule of Commission meetings indicates there will be a meeting in either February or March, depending on the weather and business items. After some discussion, the decision was to cancel the February meeting and schedule for March 15.

SCHEDULE OF FINAL RETREAT/ORIENTATION TOPICS. Two items are left from the “parking lot” schedule developed at the board retreat in September. Because Maryalice and Jeni Tilton-Flood are attending the annual state service commission convening in February, the CNCS transformation plan update can be addressed in March. Celeste will ask Joe Schmidt and Anita Stewart-McCafferty to lead an April overview of service-learning and the status of k-12 engagement in service-learning. That will wrap the requested topics.

TASK FORCES’ CHECK-IN. Grant Selection and Performance will meet February 15 for the first time since grant selection. Nothing to report at this time.

Public Information and Education needs a new chair. Jamie is going to relinquish the role as part of “maternity leave.” The next regular meeting is February 13.

Maine Service Fellows and the 25th anniversary planners also will meet next week. Nothing new to report from either.

MAINE VOLUNTEER FOUNDATION. Celeste asked Maryalice for an update. The foundation has two new board members. It completed the package to use with fundraising and is scheduling meetings.

MANAGING DISCUSSION WITHIN AGENDA. Celeste reported comments on the meeting feedback form indicate there is a feeling discussion of important items is being cut short in favor of staying on time.  The concern was raised even after the meeting was extended. Exec Committee members agreed the best way forward was to monitor time but ask members if they want to extend the meeting beyond the allotted time when an item elicits a lot of discussion.

There being no other business, the meeting ended at 4:55 pm