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Executive Committee

May 7, 2019

PRESENT: Celeste Branham, Ed Barrett, Jeni Tilton-Flood, Nicole Pellenz, John Portela, Maryalice Crofton 

Commission logo/emblem. Jeni reported that the graphic designers are meeting with Communications Task Force tomorrow (5/8). They took the feedback provided last month and have made some updates for the group to consider. Executive committee members agreed that the full board should have input on the final contenders so time will be incorporated into the May agenda for this. 

Commission vacancies. If there are candidates ready to apply, they need to be encouraged to submit their papers now and not wait. John and Celeste will follow up with the candidates they reached out to. There was discussion on how best to fill the youth commissioner seat. Nicole will reach out to JMG staff who are age-appropriate. Celeste will follow up with the civic engagement center at UMF. This needs to happen right away. 

Representation May 21 at meeting with CNCS leadership and Commissions. Maryalice clarified that the date of the meeting is Tuesday, May 21. Based on that information, Celeste and Jeni will travel to New Hampshire on May 21 to participate in the meeting with Barbara Stewart. 

Maine Volunteer Foundation + MCCS Exec Committee discussion of fundraising challenges. The foundation is not finding Maine funders who share the Commission’s vision around Maine Service Fellows or civic health. In the case of the latter, they are confusing civic health with civic assets and other terms using “civic.” Maryalice recommends a discussion between leadership of MCCS and the MVF board. Executive Committee members would like to do that after the May meeting. Maryalice will work it out with MVF which is meeting on May 10.   

Communications officer position. The posting for the job opening with the Commission is very difficult to find on the state hiring web site. Celeste asked Maryalice to distribute the link to all Commissioners. 

Commission meeting discussion of OIG incidents. Maryalice reported the open discussion of the OIG process for investigations led to an unexpected consequence even though no details were mentioned. Executive Committee members decided the best action for the future would be to go into executive session rather than not inform the board. 

Task Force check-ins. Financial Oversight has a prototype of a financial scorecard to share with board members for feedback. The 25th anniversary committee will meet next week so no report. Ed said that Grants is still looking for peer reviewers. 

Preparation for briefing by Kaira Esgate. Kaira attempted to join the call for a conversation with Exec members. Through real-time messages with Maryalice, she indicated numerous tries failed. Exec members decided an alternative approach would be better. Members are asked to email their questions and advice on focus areas to Maryalice. She will relay everything to Kaira so she can prepare for the briefing on May 17. 

There being no other discussion items, the meeting ended at 4:07 pm.