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Grant Selection and Performance

December 14, 2011

December 2011 Minutes Grant Selection & Performance Task Force

December 9, 2011

Members Present: Ron Holmes, Joan McDonald, Casey Bromberg

Competition Summary - Submitted application(s)

Status of recently closed AmeriCorps competions was reviewed.  No applications were received for Planning Grant competition, 1 applicant submitted a proposal for the Competitive Operating grant competition.  The 1 submision was from Maine Conservation Corps, a current grantee.

Also reviewed were answers to a survey sent out to all those who registered to download the RFP asking for the reasons they chose not to submit applications.   Those that downloaded the Planning grant RFP and chose to reply to the survey felt that either the application was not suitted to their area of progrmming or the process was unduly complicated for the potential benefit.  Those that responded to the survey specific to the Competitive Operating Grant  survey also identified the complexity of the application and confusion related to the number fo possible program models and configurations.  There were also those that did not feel that AmeriCorps was the solution to therir needs

Review of GTF dates & process for GTF review

A list of dates and tasks specific to the review of the submitted application was reviewed for the benefit of the members

Discussion of Formula Grant competition dates

The Task Force discussed and recommended that, based on the feedback concerning the complexity of the applications, that the Formula grant Competition be extended by a month.  Projected closing date for the applications was moved from March 1st to April 1st 20102

Required PM's for Formula Grantee

Drafts of proposed Performance measures for use during the formula competition were reviewed and adopted by the Task Force.  The Education  & Service-learning Performance Measures were adopted from the National Corporation with no changes.  The Healthy Futures Performance Measures specific to childhood obesity were also adopted from the Corporation.  Additional obesity reduction measures for adults were also adopted.  These were adapted from the childhood ones and also informed by the State of Maine DHHS five year plan for reducing obesity across the state.  Adopted measures will be used in the upcoming Formula RFP.