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Grant Selection and Performance

January 6, 2016

Present: Ed Barrett, Kevin Bois, Laura Hudson, David Wihry

Absent: Gordon Liu, Rob Liscord

Staff: Michael Ashmore

Guests: none

A. Review of proposed recommendations for AmeriCorps Applications

Task Force reviewed the recommendations of the GTF application review and draft motions.  The group affirmed the content of the drafts and the decision to return the EMDC application for re-work and re-review, pending determination of their desire to participate.

Staff was instructed to query EMDC concerning their intent to continue and to return reviewer feedback and staff application summary to EMDC, if warranted.  The applicant is requested to return a revised application for further review no later than Tuesday January 12th.  Members of the review team will convene to discuss any returned application prior to final recommendation to the Commission.

(NOTE: GTF reviewers convened to discuss the application on Thursday, Jan. 14 and finalized an additional motion regarding the EMDC application)

B. Review of the Maine Conservation Corps Continuation application, including MCC summary of performance and draft recommendations

Members reviewed and discussed draft recommendations for MCC continuation and summary of past performance.  Past performance review was based on prior grant cycle.  MCC delays their program year start so the Task Force is making a continuation determination for year two before the program has begun year one..

The members confirmed and endorsed the draft recommendations to be moved for Commission vote.

C. Other notes:

Members of the Task Force participating in the extensive review of applications were thanked.  It was noted that member Hudson participated in the Peer Review consensus process as an observer as well as acting as a full participant in the GTF review portion.

Peer Reviewers, Katherine Cassidy, Meghan Duff, Sarah Jordan, Jennifer Trowbridge, & Deborah Atwood were also acknowledged.