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Grant Selection and Performance

January 6, 2017


Present: Ed Barrett, Nicole Pellenz,  David Wihry

Staff: Pelin Fitzpatrick

Minutes: 20

Meeting convened at 9:35 AM


2017 Competitive Grant Continuation Applications

New Applications:

University of Southern ME -Maine Campus Compact (USM-MCC)

Eastern Maine Development Corporation (EMDC)

Continuation Applications:

LearningWorks (LW)

Maine Conservation Corps (MCC)

All three members that joined the call stated that they all had the chance to review all four reports that were submitted earlier in the week. (Summary Reports for USM-MCC and EMDC and Continuation Assessment Reports for LW and MCC) .

The task force accepted the recommendations of the subcommittees for all four applications with no adjustments.

Ed wanted to know what the next steps are for the applications that need additional budget and narrative work. (EMDC and LearningWorks only) PF mentioned that the programs were already provided a list of recommendations and have been working with PF and Michael on the requested changes.  

Members who did not participate will be able to call PF for information and clarification if needed and will submit their comments if any, by end of day Monday, January 9th.

David, as the GTF Chair, will make a motion for Competitive Grant Approvals to the full Commission on Friday the 13th .

Meeting adjourned at 09:55 AM