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Grant Selection and Performance

December 16, 2019


Commissioners: Ed Barrett, Jeni Tilton-Flood, Luke Shorty

MCCS Staff: Maryalice Crofton, Michael Ashmore, Jamie McFaul


Volunteer Generation Fund Applications

VGF continuations:

  • Southern Maine Agency on Aging
  • Mid-Coast Hunger Prevention Program
  • Window Dressers

The Task Force recommended that all the continuations be funded and moved forward to a vote by the full Commission.

New Applications:

  • Alfond Youth Center: Recommend approval with the condition to correct budget
  • Catholic Charities: Recommend approval under the waiver of competitive bidding and correct budget


AmeriCorps Applications

New Rural AmeriCorps:

  • Alfond Youth Center: Recommend to fund with conditions to correct their budget


AmeriCorps Competitive Continuation:

  • Maine Conservation Corps: Recommend approval with the condition to strengthen their narrative
  • Learning Works: Recommend approval across the board and recognition that they have changed their model
  • Healthy Acadia: Recommend approval with conditions that the program reduce MT members from 12 to 9, identify new program director
  • Maine Partnership for Environmental Stewardship: Not recommended for approval; The application did not make it out of peer review; the program could apply under Formula in the spring.