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Grant Selection and Performance

June 18, 2019

PRESENT: Joe Schmidt, Ed Barrett

The task force met for its regular monthly work session by teleconference. Members began work at 8:49 am.

The task force members reviewed the recommendations for both AmeriCorps Formula Continuations and the results of the new AmeriCorps Formula competition.

Among the continuations, it was agreed that all would be recommended for an additional year of funding. Of the 8 continuations, only two do not have conditions on the recommendation.

There was one application under the new competition. It is recommended for funding on the condition budget errors, performance measures, labor union concurrence, and questions about member assignments are resolved before the grant goes to CNCS-DC on June 28.

The task force reviewed the report to the Commission which is linked below.

There being no other business, members ended the work session at 9:14 am.