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Maine Service Fellows Development

January 16, 2019

In Attendance: Maryalice Crofton, Libby Hite, Ed Barrett, Orion Breen


Program Development:

  • Maryalice shared information regarding the opportunity to be included in the state budget. A request was put in for 100k that includes 40% time of a senior planner, a graduate intern or other assistant, and support costs (computer, phone, travel/training). The goal is to secure the money to be through general funds allocated to MCCS.
  • Estimated cost of the program:
    • $24,000 per fellow – covers insurance, FICA, liability, plus modest stipend (remove from the line) – comparable to AC professional corps. Addresses housing costs as the biggest barriers to serving.
    • $6000 – all other, recruitment, housing allowance, etc (volunteer support)
    • A request was made for a line by line sample budget for a fellow
  • General Benefits - recommendations – eligible for residency and would qualify for in-state tuition. Currently this is not offered to AmeriCorps members. The committee would like to see In-state tuition benefits offered to any service member through MCCS programs.
  • Community support for fellows: 1 attached to work plan as supervisor, 1 that acts as a mentor for the community.


  • Updating One Pager:
    • Including general line item $30,000 that would cover all support for 1 fellow.
    • Update issue areas – Aging in Place, Opioid Addiction Prevention and Recovery, Issues Related to Poverty (transportation, food security, housing, employment, etc). Will solicit input from full Commission.
    • Stronger Description of Need:
      • Low barrier program – mention in first page. Designed as a low entry barrier program for small communities.
      • Responsive to community needs
      • Place in organizations that can a combination of direct service and capacity building
      • Intended for organizations that can put a minimal amount of funds and are in regions that do not have financial resources.
      • Goal to get into the areas that human resources are an asset, but the presence of nonprofits and other resources are sparse.
    • Next steps – Recruitment One Pager, Host Site Info Sheet and Application

Action Items:

  • Maryalice – stock photos for one pager
  • Send photos and content to Orion to put into In-Design.
  • Orion to set up a meeting with Bowdoin College as a potential partner agency.

Monthly meeting day/time:

  • Meetings are held at 1:00 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Next Meeting is February 20th at 1pm.