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retired-Excellence and Expertise Task Force

November 14, 2014

Monthly Work Session Notes

Nov 6, 2014 via teleconference 3:30-5:00 p.m.


From Oct 17 Commission meeting - Task Forces to discuss and potential changes to Task Force structure to better address the immediate priorities:

  • grant making for AmeriCorps and attention to National Service programs;
  • professional development activities for grantees and volunteer managers;
  • support implementation of the nonprofit Service Enterprise model;
  • getting legislative permission to establish the companion nonprofit organization; and
  • ensuring MCCS events are supported.


Participating in work session:  Mark Hews (Chair), Bonnie Bagley, and Gordon Lui.

Guests:  None

Task Force members not in attendance:  Richard Higgins, Janice Daku, Andrew Matlins, Eileen Smart, and Pam Zeutenhorst (Staff).

Discussion of regarding Oct 17 Commission meeting task force structure and tasks assigned to E&E.  Review of changes of priorities of tasks as a result of Oct 17 Commission work session. 


1.       Compile list of strategies and actions assigned to E&E & organize by quadrant.  Mark

2.       Review tasks to determine if responsibility should move to another task force.  E&E

3.       Create timeline between now and 2017 to accomplish tasks. E&E

4.       Explore options of creating subgroups to focus on specific tasks such as Service Enterprise. E&E


Next E&E Task Force Meeting: December 4 @ 3:30-5:00 via webinar

December Agenda

  • Review tasks and determine if responsibility should move to another task force
  • Create timeline to accomplish tasks by 2017
  • Discuss creating subgroups under E&E to focus on specific tasks