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retired-Excellence and Expertise Task Force

April 3, 2014

Commissioners:  Mark Hews, Bonnie Bagley, Janice Daku, Richard Higgins

Staff:  Pam Zeutenhorst

Guests:  None

  • Report on FEMA meeting - Richard
    • Mar 23 conversation with John Stewart, Voluntary Liaison Region 1
    • Catholic Charities discussed services they could provide during response & recover, e.g. disaster case management. Bonnie shared Catholic Charities experiences with 2014 Lewiston fires and 2009 Aroostook flod; in both cases many of those displaced were already clients of Catholic Charities..
    • Catholic Charities would need to define role
    • Develop Statewide Long Term Recovery Committee to administer Maine Disaster Relief Fund to engage citizens who can funraise and standarize messaging,

Service Commissions current role is donation managemetn including management of spontaneous volunteers.

Report back from Resource Development  Task Force 

  • Crucial items to consider  - Fundraising and fee for service for Service Enterprise.  POL's draft of fees for Service Enterprise for NPs going forward provide a guideline.


Final Review Service Enterprise Goal

  • Measures & introduction statemetn defining Service Enterprise added.

"Maine Service Enterprise acknowledges that volunteerism doesn't exist in a single sector and the responsibility of successful volunteer engagement resides beyond nonprofits alone.  Increasing the impact of volunteerism requires improving the system across all sectors (i.e. nonprofit, private, faith-based, education, government)."