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retired-Excellence and Expertise Task Force

May 2, 2014

May 1 meeting conducted by teleconference.

Commissioners:  Janice Daku, Richard Higgins

Staff:  Pam Zeutenhorst

Not attending:  Mark Hews, Bonnie Bagley, Eileen Smart

Guests:  None

Maine Service Enterprise Conference - May 19-21 in Portland

  • Registration open for the event & information flyers sent to numerous networks.
  • May 19 location is the large conference room at Unum.
  • May 20-21 location to be determined.
  • Outreach flyer & draft Agenda posted to Service Enterprise Information Writeboard
  • All E&E Task Force members intending to participate on May 19th.

 Professional Development Fund

  • Application posted on the writeboard for review.
  • Discussion of application to be held prior to May 9 Commission meeting at 9:45.

 Maine Service Enterprise for Nonprofits Trainer Requirements

  • Points of Light has not yet established specific trainer requirements and suggested Maine use the Service Enterprise Hub requirements as guidelines.
  • Discussed Hub requirements that are relevant to trainers and other potential trainer requirements:
    • Recertification - How often should it be? Points of Light anticipates research updates every other year and this may impact the training curriculum.
    • Base Maine's recertification process of what Points of Light establishes - want to ensure that certification process is skills/knowledge based not just "seat time."
    • Consider centralized collection of training session evaluations to monitor quality of trainings
  • October 2014 anticipated date of first potential co-hort of new Service Enterprise trainers

Personal Value Statement regarding Service Enterprise

  • Reminder of for E&E Task Force members to develop a personal value statement. Here is an example by Chair, Mark Hews:

"Service Enterprise is the best opportunity for the Maine Commission for Community Service (MCCS) to achieve our vision of "Vibrant, Productive Communities with Involved, Responsible Citizens".  For me personally that means that the Commission for the first time has a tangible way to engage organizations, communities, businesses, faith-based and education institutions in creating meaningful service opportunities and embedding service as a strategy into their core missions.  I feel strongly that Service Enterprise enhances our ability to create statewide an ethic of service and that each and every citizen takes seriously their civic responsibility to each other and the state as a whole."