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retired-Excellence and Expertise Task Force

February 4, 2016

Present: Ross Cunningham, Gordon Liu, Barb Wentworth, Rob Liscord, Lori Parham, Nicole Pellenz, Lisa Laflin, Carol Rancourt

The members convened at 8:30 am via teleconference.

Open, Roll call, introductions  
Gordon asked everyone to do a quick introduction and pointed out that this task force has members who are not Commissioners.

Check on schedule of meetings  
With so many new people, it seems prudent to check whether this time and day is still the best for meeting. The task force meets routinely at 8:30 am on the first Thursday of each month. After a short discussion, the decision is to leave the meeting schedule as it is published.

Set schedule of E&E orientation topics 
This task force is responsible for most of the current MCCS initiatives and major projects. The best way to get everyone up to speed is to focus on one project each month and do a thorough briefing and discussion. Gordon proposed March focus on Service Enterprise – both the nonprofit and municipal models. April will highlight Franklin Project and May the online educational courses (CMV and advanced).

Update on Service Enterprise in Franklin County  
Lerner Foundation has extended completion of the work through early summer. The United Way is going to do a blended cohort – nonprofits with municipalities. Lisa will represent the municipal model with her contractor’s assistance in the March overview.

Review update of Professional Development Fund policy and application  
This business item is part introduction of the Fund and part update in a section of the policy. Three documents were sent out in advance of this meeting. One was a revision of the public explanation of the Fund; second, a revised and online application; and third, the 2011 policy. The 2014 updates in policy made by this task force were folded into the application guidelines. They should segregated again. Right now, minor changes are proposed that don’t impact underlying policy.  One change updates the list of how people would share what they’ve learned and the other change adds counties without volunteer centers.

There were no questions about the updates but one member did ask how the information is distributed. Maryalice listed the outreach vehicles MCCS uses in these cases.

The next meeting is March 3 at 8:30 am.