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retired-Excellence and Expertise Task Force

May 5, 2016

PRESENT: [by phone] Lori Parham, Lisa Lafflin, Rob Liscord, Maryalice Crofton

Posted discussion items:

  • New co-chairs
  • Re-negotiate time to accommodate 2 members with conflicts (later or different day)
  • CMV 101 – Commission purpose and role
  • Franklin project
  • Service Year Exchange
  • Professional Development Fund
  • Learning from Maine Service Enterprise Trainer Network
  • Connecting E&E mission to grant-making and other MCCS activities
  • What is still muddy about this task force

 NEW CO-CHAIRS. Lori Parham and Barbara Wentworth have been appointed co-chairs for the task force. Barb is on vacation so will not attend today.

NEW MEETING TIME. As today’s experience shows (9 members not attending), the time set by prior members does not work for current members. Discussion ensued about options and Maryalice was asked to poll all the membership to identify a new, consistent meeting time.  

CMV 101. This is the online course for novice managers of volunteers. CMV stands for “Certificate in Management of Volunteers.” The course is under MCCS control but can be proctored by others. The next session starts May 9 and has 23 students in it. At some point, task force members may want to audit the course to get a sense of both the technology and content. MCCS tries to do three sessions per year but didn’t have the staffing to do a January session in 2016.  

JOINT MEETING WITH SET NETWORK. MCCS convenes qualified Service Enterprise Trainers (SET) as a state network. With the exception of four people, they all operate under the MCCS Service Enterprise license. The members have met virtually since last August and it need to reconnect in person. It seems like a good opportunity for E&E task force to meet them and learn from their observations. Those present felt a meeting on May 20 would be a good use of time. Many members will already be attending the MCCS regular business meeting. It was noted that, for new Commissioners, this would be in addition to the pre-business meeting orientation session. Maryalice will discuss May 20 with the Network when it meets virtually on May 12.

CHANGE.  At this point, members decided to defer further items until more people were in attendance. Continuing would not take care of the need to repeat topics for others at a later date. If Maryalice can get someone from Service Year Exchange to brief the entire Commission on May 20, that will take care of a few items.   

Meeting ended at 9:05 am