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retired-Excellence and Expertise Task Force

June 17, 2016

SPECIAL JOINT MEETING of Excellence & Expertise and Maine Service Enterprise Trainer Network 

PRESENT: Commissioners Ross Cunningham, Barbara Wentworth, Rob Liscord, Joe Young, Janice Daku, and Carol Rancourt; MCCS Staff Maryalice Crofton, Michael Ashmore; MSET Network Jan Kearce, Shirar Patterson, Amanda Astle, Pam Zeutenhorst, Laurel Koepke, Elizabeth Barron.

 Maryalice gave Commissioners the brief history of Service Enterprise and how the Commission became involved. The participants then divided into three groups and discussion triggers were used to guide conversation. At the end of 50 minutes, the groups reported out the five most important points raised. These are the starting points for E&E task force work in the next 6 months. 

Discussion triggers:
A) What is Service Enterprise? What are the benefits to your community? What are your observations about the readiness of agencies? Observations of the response from agencies that go through training? How strong is the potential of SE to build capacity/sustainability in Maine’s community-based organizations? 

B) Focus is Service Enterprise resources. What does it take (time, materials, other costs) for a team to lead a cohort? How is that covered now? What does the future have to be in terms of covering expenses? 

C) What is the future of Service Enterprise in Maine? What are the big unanswered questions? What are potential answers to those questions? [to the trainers] Do you believe in Service Enterprise? 

Most important points.
Set 1:
> what are we going to do to get the word out [about SE]?
> Identify data from cohorts/existing organizations – really looking for testimonials to give others confidence
> designate unique outreach for organizations using or not using volunteers
> funding for training cohort —> what does it look like; fee for service
> identify corporate/non-profit/philanthropy center sponsorship 

Set 2:
> need elevator speech about SE – why should I invest/take part in Service Enterprise
> funding: funderst o underwrite business model for taking part/doing a cohort
> tagline – what is Service Enterprise?
> how to market Service Enterprise across the state? (create a Maine map of SE’s)
> how to build credibility as trainer? how to build credibility as credential?
> trainers need to understand SE model before going through train the trainer; need to go through a cohort before going a cohort

Set 3:
> collect quotes from local (ME) organizations
> funding (?) template with Maine info
> focus on HR instead of volunteer
> peers are resources, need to keep connected
> build network of organizations that have gone through Service Enterprise 

Final notes from day -
> Given the value of these discussions, need to find a way for E&E to connect with the Network. Perhaps have a liaison to the network?
> Consider another face-to-face joint meeting in January 2017 to assess development and future steps.
> Task Force settled on new meeting schedule! See below.
> Barb shared that Lori Parham has to take a leave for the summer. She was co-chair with Barb. 

FUTURE E&E MEETINGS will be the FIRST Wed. of each month at 8:30 am.
For summer this means July 6, August 3. Meetings return to teleconference.