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retired-Excellence and Expertise Task Force

July 6, 2016

PRESENT: Barb Wentworth, Nicki Pellenz, Lisa Laflin, Joe Young, Carol Rancourt, Ross Cunningham, Maryalice Crofton, Meaghan Arzberger

  1. Roll call
  2. Initial reactions/thoughts about meeting with Network
    JY – primary concern about Service Enterprise Network, how do you make it work financially and logistically given large geographic area.  
    RC – helpful. Agree it is a challenge to make it effective across the state.  
    CR – helpful, even hearing it 3 different times. Worked!  
    BW – had good turnout in June from trainers.
  1. Compile "top 3" from points noted by groups
    CR: There is a lot of similarity. Most important – how to get word out in easy to understand form/language. Essential because the rest hinges on this. Funding for resources is important but awareness and interest in participating highest.
    JY: How to make it work financially. Building network goes along with marketing, identify what market is. Is there minimum size community? Target best markets for early
    RC: Not going to easily create demand. Program challenges are money and time. Find way to tie together with grant organizations – if you are Service Enterprise, you get looked at differently. As SE you get benefit from funders. Look at way to add value. Need to convince organizations they need leg up – create urgency.
    LL: Echo marketing interest but more about simplification of message. Based on experience in creating cohort and explaining to a United Way board, still need to simplify language. Demonstrating return on investment – still early in Maine (few organizations, not geographically spread) so need to keep in touch with organizations that have completed Service Enterprise. Is there an org that can be a leader/communicator?
    MA: Need to communicate essence of SE and challenge is to capture message. Is there an opportunity to connect with strategic planning because it is more about changing agency culture rather than volunteer program. SE supports overall operations.
    NP: Found having it broken down is helpful. Hard concept to wrap arms around. Need to find way to describe what SE is and the benefit. Hone in on nonprofits across state that would benefit from SE then get real-life stories. Complex notion.
    BW: Are there testimonials and have people talk about via video, audio, etc. How do we market – take and go further.
  2. Review results of compilation
    Common threads: messaging, marketing, financial support, benefits need to be "sold"/explained better

  3. What are logical next steps
    > Review what materials POLI has created – between now and next meeting.
    > Ask MCF to support participation cost
    > Have conversation with Maine Philanthropy Center to explain benefit --
    > At state conference, ensure there are sessions
    > Have conversation and get info/testimony from the 4 existing
    > Key message/elevator speech – Nicki, Carol/Anne, Michelle

  4. Liaison to Network – meets second Thursday each month at 9:30 am. Carol Rancourt volunteered to be liaison. Next meeting July 14.

  5. Timeline? Barb and MC draft timeline before August meeting.

  6. NEXT MEETING: Aug 3 @ 8:30 am