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retired-Excellence and Expertise Task Force

December 6, 2017

Commissioners Present:  Elizabeth Hite, Melik Khoury,

Other members present:  Lisa Laflin

Absent:  Janice Daku, Nichole Ernest, Sean Ingram, Coleman Lapointe, Robert Liscord, Nicole Pellenz, Joe Young

Staff: Michael Ashmore




Selection of VGF Service Enterprise Trainer

MA explained the purpose of the Request for Proposal sent out to select a contract provider to lead Service Enterprise cohorts under the Volunteer Generation Fund grant.  The RFQ resulted in several individuals declining the opportunity due to availability and two complete applications.

The discussion of the relative merits of materials submitted by the applicants was held in an executive session.

The discussion of the candidates demonstrated that both were skilled and capable.  Final determination hinged on one candidate’s willingness in the past to continue support trainees after the expiration of a previous contract and that the time available appeared to be more flexible with the selected individual.

The members also expressed the desire to be able to revisit the contract prior to the end of the first performance period to determine if it is adequate, to review performance in determining whether to extend the contract to the second performance period under the grant.

MOU Draft language with affiliate Service Enterprise hubs. 

Following input from the last E & E meeting, MA developed a draft for review.

Members offered supportive feedback, saying that the draft appeared to address the core concepts and the format discussion from the previous session.

The group recommended sharing the draft with the whole Commission at the January meeting.

Liaison reports

No liaison reports.