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Maine Conservation Corps*


Counties served: All

Primary Contact: Sara Knowles
54 Independence Drive
Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
124 State House Station 
Augusta, ME 04333-0124
phone: (207) 624-6085
fax:(207) 287-3342
web site:

Maine Conservation Corps’ (MCC) mission is to: accomplish conservation initiatives that inspire people and enhance communities.

The MCC has two AmeriCorps service options: Environmental Stewards and Field Teams. 

Environmental Stewards serve individually with non-profits, state and federal agencies to increase organizational volunteer capacity and aid in the development and implementation of host sites’ conservation objectives.  The role of an Environmental Steward is as varied as the needs of sites.  Sample projects include: habitat restoration, invasive species and water quality monitoring, environmental education, and small scale recreational trail projects.

Field Teams perform a wide range of conservation services for project sponsors that include state and national parks, municipalities, and non-profit land management organizations. Direct services focus on the planning, construction and rehabilitation of many types of trails, but can also include a range of other conservation related projects.

As they serve, members are taught employment skills and create individualized plans for personal development.  Collaborative partnerships with workforce development organizations help us create positive Economic Opportunity outcomes for members.  

Apply on Service Year.