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Take Your Service to Community to a Whole New Level!

May 23rd, 2012

Time Sensitive: Respondents need to act by June 4, 2012

The Maine Commission for Community Service (MCCS) invites leaders of the state's volunteer, service-learning, and community service programs to consider service on the Commission. MCCS is a state government board that builds capacity and sustainability in Maine's service and volunteer sector. It does so by making grants (e.g., AmeriCorps and volunteer centers), fostering professional development among managers of volunteers and service-learning faculty, raising awareness of issues effecting volunteer programs, and promoting service as a strategy to address local issues.

The Commission was established in 1994 by Executive Order and under state statute in 1995. The board is Maine government's partner for the federal Corporation for National Service which funds AmeriCorps, volunteer centers, Senior Corps, more. Information about current activities, board members, statutory duties, and the strategic plan can be found on the MCCS website.

The 25 board members of the Commission are appointed by the governor to three-year terms and each represents a specific segment of Maine's volunteer sector. As a result of naturally occurring turnover, the Commission has eight open seats for which it is seeking qualified candidates. Interested leaders from the volunteer community need to match one of the following areas of expertise:

  • Community-based agency or organization operations (including board member experience)
  • Delivery of human services
  • Delivery of community education
  • Training and development needs of youth, particularly disadvantaged youth
  • Delivery of health services
  • Delivery of environmental, energy, or housing services
  • Delivery of public safety services

Because MCCS is required by law to be nonpartisan and strive for geographic, age, and gender balance, the Commission's nominating task force is especially interested in candidates who are emerging business, community, or education leaders in the Midcoast, Downeast, Western, and Aroostook areas of Maine.

In order to give the Governor's Office of Boards and Commissions adequate time to review, select, and appoint members for terms starting in September 2012, interested citizens should contact the Commission by June 4 for additional background information and candidate forms by emailing or calling 207.624.7781.