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$2.2 Million in Funding Awarded to 7 Maine AmeriCorps Programs

June 7th, 2017

Augusta, ME -- The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) has officially announced that 3 Maine AmeriCorps grant applications have been approved for funding under State Competitive grant applications: Maine Conservation Corps, LearningWorks AIMS High, and Maine Campus Compact. Another 4 programs have been approved by the Maine Commission for Community Service for funding under State Formula grant applications: RSU #14's SySTEM REAL AmeriCorps, Goodwill's Multilingual Leadership Corps, United Way of the Tri-Valley Area, and Eastern Maine Development Corporation's Nothern Maine AmeriCorps Collaborative.


 Maine Conservation Corps - A Continuation Grantee awarded $392,090. With 86 AmeriCorps member positions MCC's programs will focus CNCS's priority areas of economic opportunity, supporting veterans and military families, and environmental stewardship. The AmeriCorps members serving in this program with not only improve Maine's ecosystems, but they also work on job readiness training. MCC seeks to promote the involvement of disadvantaged individuals, veterans, and those who are disabled is all facets of the program. This is MCC's first service year incorporating its new Economic Opportunity program, which will use environmental stewardship activities to train unemployed/underemployed youth and provide services to veterans. Furthermore, an additional 700 community volunteers will be leveraged by the AmeriCorps members to engage in environmental improvement projects.









LearningWorks AIMS High - A Continuation Grantee awarded $497,646 targeting CNCS's priority area of education. LearningWorks will place AmeriCorps members at 6 of the lowest performing elementary schools in Southern Maine. The objective is to provide extended day learning and targeted instructional support for students, as well as to coordinate community, family, and parent engagement activities. Not only will AmeriCorps members be responsible for improving the academic achievement of the students they work with, but they will also leverage an additional 120 community volunteers to take part in targeted instructional support activities with students.


Maine Campus Compact - A New Grantee awarded $177,893, focusing on CNCS's priority areas of environmental stewardship and economic opportunity. 38 AmeriCorps members will work at 6 sites. Their service will be geared towards promoting individual behavioral and technical change, which will lead to energy efficiency, particularly for economically disadvantaged individuals and households. Specifically, Maine Campus Compact will host 12 Community Energy Education Events, build and install 600 interior storm windows in 120 homes, and conduct at least 375 behavioral change Green Certification Audits in homes and campuses. Not only does this program seek to improve conditions for community members, but to also build skills and knowledge amongst the AmeriCorps members. They will create their own career-action plans to be completed during their service year. Additionally, members will leverage another 96 community members to support community energy efficiency initiatives.

SySTEM REAL AmeriCorps - A continuation grantee, the MCCS board has approved the program for funding at the requested level of $208,825 CNCS funds and a local match of at least $205,035. In addition to this, the board approved a Supplemental Funds Request of $5,000 CNCS share to augment recruitment efforts. The grant will support 35 members who will implement a STEM-based Service Learning program with students identified as being at risk (grades 4-12) in four alternative school program sites, serving 24 communities in Southern Maine. AmeriCorps members will leverage an additional 30 volunteers who will be engaged in supporting individual STEM-based service projects, providing logistical assistance and mentorship for the students, and addressing community needs in the process.

Goodwill Industries of NNE Multilingual Leadership Corps - A continuation grantee, the MCCS board has approved the program for funding at the requested level of $265,187 CNCS share, to be matched by at least $217,970 in local funds. A Supplemental Funds Request of $5,000 CNCS share to strengthen outreach and recruitment efforts was also approved by the board. With a focus on English Language Learner (ELL) students, 44 AmeriCorps members will implement the a research-based intervention for academically disengaged K-16 students called, Check & Connect. AmeriCorps members will not only be responsible for increasing student academic engagement, but will also leverage an additional 400 volunteers to engage in Check & Connect and in-school/after school academic support, community engagement, and enrichment interventions.

United Way of the Tri-Valley Area AmeriCorps Program - A new grantee under the Rural AmeriCorps Grant Competition. The MCCS board has voted to approve the program at the requested level of $27,657 Federal Share, to be matched by at least $23,595 in local funds. This grant will support the service of 2 AmeriCorps members at the organization who will build capacity in local food pantries in Franklin County and the northern Androscoggin County communities of Livermore and Livermore Falls. They will achieve this by helping the food pantries implement 3 or more effective volunteer management practices. This program is meeting the CNCS priority area of Healthy Futures and the AmeriCorps members will leverage an additional 25 local volunteers will serve at the community food pantries.

Northern Maine AmeriCorps Collaborative - A new grantee, the MCCS board voted to approve funding at the requested level of $128,838, to be matched by at least $186,202 of local funds. This will support 38 AmeriCorps members concentrating on the CNCS priority area of Economic Opportunity. The members will work with at least 32 economically disadvantaged individuals on pre-employment training. Through their service in rural eastern Maine these AmeriCorps members will also work to develop the capacity of local noprofits. A component of the Northern Maine AmeriCorps Collaborative is to benefit the AmeriCorps members themselves. By the end of the service year at least they will be entering into employment, higher education, another year of national service, or military service. Furthermore, the AmeriCorps members will also leverage the support and involvement of an additioanl 30 community volunteers who will be engaged in providing job skills enhancements and trainings.

Below is the FY 2017 AmeriCorps grant funding breakdown for Maine. State formula and state competitive funding will be awarded to the Maine Commission for Community Service, the Governor-appointed State Service Commission. Maine AmeriCorps members will also receive post-service Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards to help pay for post-secondary education or pay down student loans. These funding streams all factor in to the total award received - 

 In addition to the federal funding from CNCS, these AmeriCorps grantess will leverage an additional $1,628,970 in matching support and other resources. Together, they will engage a total of 225 AmeriCorps members in national service.