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April 2020

Commissioner Quiz -- Redux!

More than a contest, this is part of the "in-service education" for Commission board members.

Commission Members should email their response before 5 pm Thursday, April 24, 2020!

Send your answers to All correct answers will be well rewarded.

This Month's Challenge

As often explained, AmeriCorps has 3 branches: State/National, VISTA, and the National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC). Match each branch with its original authorizing legislation to win this month's prize!

1.  VISTA A.  1993 National and Community Service Trust Act
2.  NCCC B.  1964 Economic Opportunity Act
3.  State/National  C.  1992 Defense Authorization Act

 Bonus question:

Who are the sponsors of and how many organizations/agencies are currently registered to use it?

Reference link: