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Peer Reviewers for Grants Needed

Published November 1, 2011

As part of its work, the Maine Commission for Community Service makes grants largely using federal dollars (occasionally some private funding). Sometimes the grants are for large, multi-year projects and some are micro-sized to support projects in conjunction with days of service.

Peer Review is the portion of the grant application assessment process that is conducted by a panel of individuals with expertise related to the purpose and/or area of focus for the grant program. In this context, "peer" refers to looking intently or searchingly at the proposal submitted in order to analyze the quality of each application and rate them based on published criteria. The Commission adds peer reviewer comments and ratings to other information and determines which applications to support.

The Maine Commission for Community Service uses online meeting technology and teleconferencing to conduct peer reviews. This allows individuals from many different locations and in a wide variety of circumstances to participate from their home or office - wherever they can connect to the internet and telephone simultaneously.

To be considered as a Peer Reviewer, individuals must review on-line  materials and complete an on-line application.