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It's All Abut Volunteers

Published January 31, 2013

In 2010, the Maine Commission for Community Service conducted a survey of nonprofit CEOs about their organization's volunteer program. All CEO's responding to the survey articulated how important volunteers are to their organization. For many, volunteers augment the work of paid staff; for some others, their entire organization is staffed by volunteers. 79.5% reported that their organizations used volunteers to maintain current services, 58.9% said that their volunteers extend existing services, and 28.8% have volunteers who develop new services.


Based on this, you might expect to the organization's annual report to reflect the value and impact of the donated services provided by volunteers. Unfortunately, this is not the case as Susan J. Ellis, EnergizeInc, often discovers this in her work.  What does your organization's annual report say about volunteers?


Use this LINK to read Susan's Hot Topic on End-of-Year Reports Can Illuminate Volunteer Achievements.