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Administrative Staff Reports

December 30, 2011

Krysta Lilly-Brown

  • Updated and sent out exit interviews to programs.
  • Compiled 3 year data for exit interviews from 2009-2011, generated graphs, comiled the report "A Profile of AmeriCorps Members 2009-2011", and drafted/distributed the press release.
  • Compiled an updated GSA budget, led a planning teleconference with the planning committee, scheduled the next 2 meetings, updated the Roll of Honor page to reflect the new ceremony, created a new GSA promo (.org), created a new Roll of Honor promo (.gov)
  • Compiled a Legislative contact list for National Service Day at the Capital, created a whiteboard with resources and instructions for programs, presented to programs at the National Service and Volunteerism Coucil meeting.
  • Updated & re-opened Return on Investment survey for programs.
  • Created & activated 3 new promos for .org site & 4 new promos for .gov site.
  • Updated about staff page on .gov site to reflect our current staff and positions.
  • Preped for and held MLK Selection Call, drafted contracts, official letters, and emails to winners & losers, drafted press release, updated MLK page.
  • Attended a webinar from CNCS on MLK Day promotion
  • Researched, ordered, and drafted Purchace Orders for new promotional pens and zip drives
  • Assisted volunteers and agencies with Truist
  • Attended 2 staff meetings
  • Created a account for the Commission and posted volunteer opportunities.
  • Worked with 4 potential guest bloggers
  • Compiled 2 CNCS Newsletters
  • Wrote 2 VolunteerFare articles
  • Compiled and edited the December VolunteerFare Newsletter
  • Assisted with ordering office supplies
  • Processed several MLK small contracts and invoices
  • Compiled a narriative on the progress of all projects for my projects to be disbursed
  • Created a daily calendar of all important dates for January-April
  • Transfered names and contact info on all online accounts
  • Trained MCCS staff on various tasks that they will be receiving upon my departure