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Administrative Staff Reports

March 23, 2011

Meredith Eaton Administrative Staff Report- Training and VISTA Coordinator

On Monday, March 7, 2011, I started a nine-month contract with MCCS through Bonney Staffing Services.  Much of my work so far has been getting up to speed on my projects.  Previously, I served as VISTA Leader of the VolunteerMaine project through MCCS in 2008-2009 and then as a consultant with MCCS.


·        Staff lead on planning Maine AmeriCorps Member Conference scheduled for March 31st at Thomas College in Waterville.  Expecting 100+/- AmeriCorps members choosing from 15 member-facilitated workshops during three break-out sessions, plus keynote on cultural competency and diversity in Maine.  Currently finalizing logistical details and wrapping up registration.

·        Preparing a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for contractors to provide training and technical assistance to CNCS-funded programs.  Topic areas include:  coaching and facilitation, fund raising, Wisdom Work Teams, managing Federal monies, risk management, inclusion, cultural competencies, and others.  Applicants will be reviewed and selected by Excellence and Expertise Task Force and selected contractors will remain active for two years before reapplying.


·        Conducting outreach to organizations to secure host sites for new Maine VISTA Project.  Five have already been identified to host seven VISTA members through the CNCS State office for which MCCS will serve as the intermediary.  By the end of March MCCS will identify an additional 7-8 sites for Service-learning, 3-4 for Title 1a schools, and an additional 3-4 sites for VISTAs to focus on Veterans and Military Families.  Additionally, the project will have two VISTA Leaders.

·        Beginning recruitment process for 26-member Maine VISTA project.  Along with VISTA Leaders Brad Hunter and Katie Klein, developing marketing materials and writing position descriptions.  VISTA members need to be enrolled by mid-June, will attend August Pre-Service Orientation, and start at sites in mid-August.

·        Orientation for identified and potential Maine VISTA Project Host Sites on March 23rd.  Included overview to National Service and VISTA, responsibilities of CNCS, MCCS, and Host Sites, Performance Measures, and creating a work plan for the site’s VISTA member.  Working with Eileen Smart, Pam Zeutenhorst, and VISTA Leaders Brad and Katie.

·        Drafting Memorandum of Understanding for Maine VISTA Project Host Sites.

Blaine House Conference

·        First planning call for this year’s 25th anniversary Blaine House Conference on Volunteerism on March 23rd.  Working with conference chair Drew Matlins to secure planning committee and subcommittee leads; out of last year’s conference attendees, 19 were interested in serving on the committee. 

·        Next steps include setting date and location, securing keynote, and discussing content and format.


·        Outreach to AmeriCorps National Direct program staff and members for inclusion in National Service and Volunteerism Council (formerly Staff Council) and AmeriCorps member trainings.  Next council meeting planned for May 5 with Eileen Buzzello presenting on managing Maine volunteers from a legal perspective.

·        Attendance at bi-weekly staff meetings.