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Administrative Staff Reports

November 1, 2018

Program Development & Training Officer 

Major projects completed –

  • Made an intensive push of outreach and program planning support for off-cycle AmeriCorps formula and rural state competitions prior to the opening of those RFPs at the end of the month.  Provided grant information to more than 100 potential applicants, offered webinar training for state-wide YMCA network members, and directly supported six agencies with potential program design.
  • Completed the Aroostook Service Enterprise Cohort training sessions for three agencies, ACAP, AAA and the Turner Library, and will be continuing to consult with programs leading to certification.
  • Provided lead planning and execution of AmeriCorps Opening Day event at Blaine House Conference and presented two sessions at Blaine House Conference, one on budget development and management and the other a training for AmeriCorps site supervisors
  • Also, presented at the Maine School Board Conference on how school districts can utilize AmeriCorps NCCC and provided a Gap-year presentation for high school students at Medomak Valley High School.

Issues to be aware of –

  • AmeriCorps: Most current grantees are just beginning their first AmeriCorps grant cycle so the need for technical assistance related to start-up challenges and additional one-on-one feedback and assistance with specific tasks is very high.  This is normal for new grantees, but it occupies a significant amount of time.
  • The Commission has two open off-cycle RFPs for formula funding due to the recall of grant funding this summer, and will open the AmeriCorps competitive RFP shortly.  Commissioners should be aware that any questions regarding the competitions or the RFPs should be directed to the staff member identified in the RFP documents.

Major focus of effort in the new month –

  • Complete and submit required grantee progress reports for all AmeriCorps grants as well as VGF.  Edit and publish AC Competitive RFP.
  • VGF support for subgrantees; including collaborative work with contract provider, scheduling and hosting a face-to-face technical assistance session, in addition to qualitative feedback following October quarterly reporting.
  • Provide support to Grants Officer and Asst. Grants Officer as needed.
  • Develop Midcoast-area Service Enterprise Cohort to start after the new year
  • Convene conference planning team for National Service Regional Conference, scheduled for May (not completed in October) and begin initial planning for AmeriCorps Member Conference in

Other activity –

  • Following the departure of the Grants officer, supported the Acting Grants Officer with a variety of close-out, compliance, document collection & support tasks.
  • Regular AmeriCorps Technical Assistance to existing grantees via email, teleconference & face to face.
  • Procurement system management and initial entry of financial documents in state purchasing system, including purchase orders, bids, and contracts.