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Administrative Staff Reports

June 3, 2019

Program Development & Training Officer

Major projects completed May 2019 –

  • Commission Investment Fund: MCCS met one of its major goals under the CIF funding plan, to co-host a multi-state regional training for AmeriCorps and Senior Corps staff from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont (and other New England states). The conference was successfully executed in late May over two days in Manchester New Hampshire with more than 100 program staff attendees, including all Maine AC and SC programs.
  • VGF & Service Enterprise: Hosted an introduction to Service Enterprise to kick off a Midcoast cohort in the Rockland area (with support from Island Institute). Cohort dates for summer training implementation were negotiated but are not yet finalized.
  • Met with OIG investigators in Orono and worked with program staff to troubleshoot and develop corrective actions.
  • Wrote and submitted a no cost extension for CIF and wrote and submitted year-three application for VGF funding.
  • Presented a session on Gap Year Options at the Positive Youth Development Conference in Augusta.
  • Co-chaired state Donations Coordination Team and presented at Maine VOAD quarterly meeting on utility of VolunteerMaine platform tools.
  • Provided support to other MCCS staff in preparing RFP materials and in review process.

Issues to be aware of –

  • The Service Enterprise Train the Trainer sessions planned for this spring has been rescheduled until early September due to low enrollment and to add time for additional outreach.
  • The upcoming months will be dominated by supporting VGF grantees who need to solve reporting and financial request backlogs and training and support for new and existing grantees, both AmeriCorps and VGF. To this end, we will schedule six full day training events over the summer months and are developing individualized support plans for each grantee.

Major focus of effort in the new month –

  • Service Enterprise planning and execution for Midcoast cohort.
  • Preparation of new VGF RFP for summer competition leading to second round of funding in the fall of 2019.
  • AmeriCorps clarification & corrections needed for Formula applicants.
  • Updating National Service Criminal History Check information procedures for all programs for new procedures starting July 1st.
  • Volunteer Reception Center Training to Maine Conservation Corps and Skowhegan AC Outdoor Rec program members and staff, preparing them for their potential role in support the Commission if a major disaster event was to impact the state. Additionally, working with program staff to plan for a Fall “Stand-down” day with AC members encouraging personal, program and state level disaster preparations.
  • As noted above, major focus will be on training design and program start-up support over the summer months. This will include re-design of both the curricular elements and the process of delivering them to newly funded programs. New staff from continuing programs will be required to attend as well.

Other activity –

  • Regular AmeriCorps Technical Assistance to existing grantees via email, teleconference & face to face.
  • Procurement system management and initial entry of financial documents in state purchasing system, including purchase orders, bids, and contracts.