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Administrative Staff Reports

September 30, 2020

Major projects completed

  • Press release and coverage earned for announcement of Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference (LINK) (LINK)
  • Developed and executed a Google advertising campaign to promote Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference
  • Creation of promotional materials for the Maine Volunteer Leadership conference, including traditional (press release, event calendar submissions) and digital (social media and email) methods
  • Distributed press release on Maine AmeriCorps info session, "Choose Service. Be the Change" (LINK)
  • Creation of promotion materials (webpage, graphic, etc...) for AmeriCorps info session
  • Collaborated with development associate and grants officer to develop structure and organize Maine AmeriCorps info session
  • Collaborating with development associate to plan and order AmeriCorps rebrand welcome kits to be distributed to grantees
  • Creating an AmeriCorps rebrand resource tool kit for AmeriCorps grantees
  • Producing three feature videos, focusing on AmeriCorps service, to demonstrate community impact to Commissioners
  • Recording and editing plenary sessions for air during Oct. 13 conference
  • Participating in AmeriCorps State and National Virtual Symposium
  • Preparing session on storytelling to be delivered during the Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference
  • Developing a page on the Maine Volunteer Foundation website to promote "Heartbeat of Home" album

Issues to be aware of

  • Events: With two major events scheduled two days apart, last-minute issues may need to be dealt with, which could impact monthly accomplishments
  • Onboarding of Development Associate position: The Development Associate, Streeter Elliott, reports to the Communications Officer. Time will need to be set aside to help him get acclimated and onboarded.
  • AmeriCorps rebrand: Time may be needed to be set aside to reinforce education to grantees and provide support
  • New Volunteer Maine website: If launch will be taking place during October, time will need to be set aside for content management system training, content updates and additional small tweaks/adjustments

Major focus of effort in the next month

  • Continuing efforts to create simple video testimonials with AmeriCorps members to help with recruitment and messaging
  • Continuing to plan AmeriCorps induction ceremony for Nov. 9
  • Testing and readying new Volunteer Maine website for mid-fall launch
  • Continuing work with subcommittee in Communications Task Force to create a messaging map, and finding ways to integrate behavior change marketing into the plan
  • Further investigation into behavior change marketing and how it can be used to help the Commission promote a general ethic of service in Maine
  • Continuing Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference promotion through Oct. 13 date
  • Continuing AmeriCorps info session through Oct. 15 date
  • Converting feature stories created for Commission retreat for a wider audience, in part to help with recruitment of AmeriCorps members as well as promoting an ethic of service in Maine
  • Completing donation portal on Maine Volunteer Foundation website

Other activity

  • None to report; thanks for reading!

Prepared by Communications Officer Bryan Roche