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Administrative Staff Reports

March 5, 2020

Administrative Staff Reports

Submitted: March 5, 2020

Submitted by: Jamie McFaul, Grants Officer



Major projects completed:

  • Site monitoring visit conducted for Colby College AmeriCorps program for the review of member files for compliance, and to conduct member interviews
  • Site monitoring visit conducted for the Maine Partnership for Environmental Stewardship at an off-site member training to conduct member interviews
  • Review and approval of AmeriCorps position descriptions for Environmental Stewards and Portland DEP Biological Monitor serving with the Maine Conservation Corps
  • Co-facilitated AmeriCorps program staff Technical Assistance (TA) meeting on February 20th
  • Site Visit Report sent as a draft out to Game Loft based on findings at the time of the site visit
  • Continued an ongoing review of expense reports, submitted budgets, and processing of reimbursement requests for all programs
  • Follow-up Site monitoring visit for the Maine Partnership for Environmental Stewardship on the Lewiston campus to review of member files for compliance
  • Completed CNCS required training for the NSCHC

Issues to be aware of:

  • Have made positive contact with MSAD 70 program staff, and they are working on closing out this grant
  • When Trekkers Program Director left, there was a gap in time where a member did not get enrolled in a timely manner, yet the member was serving. This issue was discovered upon a site monitoring visit, and it will be brought to CNCS contact to seek correction due to circumstance.

Major focus of effort for the next month:

  • Preparing Continuations for all 7 of the AmeriCorps (Formula) programs to go out in March, exact date TBD
  • Wrapping up site monitoring visits in the State for Learning Works, Healthy Acadia and Maine Conservation Corps