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Administrative Staff Reports

April 13, 2020


Major projects completed:

  • Attended 2020 ASC Program Officer Learning call focused on unexpended funds reporting and documenting
  • Compiled and sent out continuation applications for all AmeriCorps Formula programs: Colby College, Mid-coast Conservancy, Trekkers, KVCAP, Main Street Skowhegan, Game Loft and Seeds of Hope
  • VM staff teleconference with Mid-Coast Conservancy staff about their continuation plan.
  • GTF teleconference to go over the RFP timeline
  • Attended the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion teleconference on March 23rd
  • Received approval for the Seeds of Hope contract in Purchasing Maine and in DOE Procurement
  • Submitted direct deposit paperwork on behalf of Main Street Skowhegan
  • Sent the Evaluation Plan from Learning Works to our ASN contact and it was promptly approved
  • Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Governor Mills’ Proclamation of  the State of Civil Emergency to Further Protect Public Health (March 15, 2020) most schools began to close their doors in an attempt to flatten the curve; AmeriCorps programs were impacted by the site closures, VM staff began mandatory check-in calls that were held on the 23rd and 30th of March to maintain connectivity to Program Directors and to guide them through the rapidly changing FAQ’s sent out by CNCS
  • Discussed changes to Competitive programs about AmeriCorps members service with Maine Conservation Corps, Main Street Skowhegan, Maine Partnership for Environmental Stewardship, and Healthy Acadia; the programs were instructed to fill out a COVID-19: Request for Variance form in OnCorps to outline changes to program scope of work and other changes that directly relate to situations in which normal program activities or site assignments are interrupted, this form requires Grants Officer approval. CNCS COVID-19 FAQ’s allow for programs to develop member activities that were not originally envisioned in the approved grant activities.
  • Attended and participated in multiple ASC COVID-19 Network calls (20th, 27th & 31st)
  • COVID-19 Disaster Workgroup call to discuss how the DSU is approaching COVID-19 national response with CNCS Disaster Specialist, Katrina French
  • Sent documentation of COVID-19 related changes to AmeriCorps Competitive programs to our CNCS Portfolio Manager, Mary Lee for change of scope requests for approval
  • Review and approval of the COVID-19 request for Variance Form for Main Street Skowhegan, Healthy Acadia, KVCAP, Colby College, Maine Conservation Corps, MPES, and Game Loft
  • Unexpended Funds request sent out to all AmeriCorps programs, the deadline for me to receive them is April 24th
  • Conference call with the Alfond Youth Center Program staff to virtually meet their new staff member, and other grant application matters
  • Continued and ongoing review and approval of periodic expense reports, position descriptions, aggregate finance reports, submitted budgets, Grantee Progress Reports, and processing of reimbursement requests for all programs

Issues to be aware of:

  • MSAD 70 program staff have sent in their documentation required for closing out this grant, to be processed soon, we are still waiting on time-sheet clarification on the tracking of the members hours, update next month
  • CNCS has been updating their FAQ’s at least once a week, sometimes more, since the onset of this pandemic around March 15th, our grantees are doing all they can to keep their members engaged and stepping up to serve during this critical time we are in, giving them policy guidance from VM has been spread out enough to allow them time to process and respond

Major focus of effort for the next month:

  • Preparing and submitting the Federal Financial Reports for 18AFHME001 (Formula Programs) and 18ACHME001 (Competitive Programs), to CNCS, deadline is April 30th
  • Collaborating with our Communications Officer, Bryan Roche, about a Virtual Recruitment Fair for our AmeriCorps programs, to be held in mid-May (TBD)
  • Getting the compliance review for Continuations together for the GTF and the Commission