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Administrative Staff Reports

June 5, 2020

Administrative Staff Reports: MAY 2020

Submitted: June 5, 2020

Submitted by: Jamie McFaul, Grants Officer


Major projects completed:

  • Assisted Seeds of Hope Program Director with ongoing issues with their continuation application in eGrants which required further coordination with the CNCS Regional Portfolio Manager to resolve
  • Compiled the Task Force Report to the full Commission for AmeriCorps Formula program continuations: Colby College, Mid-coast Conservancy, Trekkers, KVCAP, Main Street Skowhegan, Game Loft and Seeds of Hope
  • Attended the ASN monthly Update call
  • Meeting with Data Innovation Project to discuss upcoming review of AmeriCorps programs that have a data plan submitted
  • Virtual meeting with GTF to discuss new application and continuations, one meeting was for consensus and the other was a virtual public meeting
  • Continued and ongoing review and approval of periodic expense reports, position descriptions, aggregate finance reports, slot changes, submitted budgets, Grantee Progress Reports, and processing of reimbursement requests for all programs
  • Corrected encumbered amount for Colby College with a contract modification and a paperless modification because it was entered erroneously by the previous Secretary in 2019
  • Hosted the first ever Maine AmeriCorps Virtual Recruitment Fair for five programs currently recruiting, with VM Communications Officer
  • Compiled the un-expended funds report from AmeriCorps program estimates and submitted report to CNCS
  • Filed FFR’s with CNCS for AmeriCorps programs; 18AFHME001 (Formula Programs) and 18ACHME001 (Competitive Programs)


Issues to be aware of:

  • CNCS has been still been updating their FAQ’s a few times a week and have been since the onset of this pandemic around March 15th. We are providing our grantees guidance through this process so they can to keep their members engaged and informed

Major focus of effort for the next month:

  • Preparing for future Virtual Recruitment Fairs
  • Collaborating with Katherine Klein (VM contractor) to create an AmeriCorps “toolkit” for training Program Directors in the State