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Board Development Task Force

April 8, 2011

Nominations – All the new candidates have withdrawn their names from consideration. After a meeting with the new Boards and Commissions staff, the plan will be to move forward with the reappointments due last September and submit one full set of new recommendations after the MCCS board meeting in May. This administration is using a new form that includes a release for a criminal background check and some other information. The Candidate Profile we use doesn’t merge well with this new form. The decision is to use Candidate Profile to develop recommendation list and, after board vote, ask people being forwarded to complete the form the administration wants. This sequence would also give the signal to individuals that they are moving forward.

Reappointments to be processed right away are John Portela, Phil Crowell, and Dawn Littlefield. Scott VanOrman will send them the new form directly.

Maryalice has heard back from some of the members whose appointments are up in September 2011. Gary is anticipating retirement due to his new job and its demands. Judi Stebbins will also retire (her first term on MCCS started 1/15/1997). Kathy Poulin has asked not to continue because of her job demands.  Requesting reappointment are Barb Wentworth, Joan McDonald, Ron Holmes, and Susan Hammond.

Board Retreat – As announced at the last board meeting, the survey results are conclusive in unique ways:

  • members want the retreat on a weekday that is adjacent to the June board meeting;
  • the options “do retreat in one 8-hr day” and “noon day 1 through noon day 2” were tied;
  • only one-third (7) of the board members are available on any day that is not the regular board meeting;

Given that June doesn’t appear to be a good choice for the retreat, it is recommended the retreat be held on the 3rd Friday of July in place of a board meeting. The suggestion was made to explore whether the Belfast Boathouse is available and do a potluck meal.

Mary-Anne will send an email to Commissioners for a save-the-date.

Leadership development – Traditionally one Commission member is asked to attend national conference in June and represent the board at ASC annual meeting as well as other gatherings. It is an opportunity for someone to get a national view. The task force members identified four people to approach. 

[Post meeting note: Susan Hammond agreed to represent MCCS at conference and ASC meeting.]

Team building in the short term – Commission members are not getting a chance to know each other and interact with those outside their task forces. We have decided we need an informal publication with bios and photos of each commissioner.

Meeting adjourned: 9:30am