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Commission Minutes

November 16, 2012

PRESENT: Barbara Wentworth, Drew Matlins, Andrew McLean, Betsy Fitzgerald, Bonnie Bagley, Joan McDonald, Colleen Smith, John Portela


STAFF PRESENT: Maryalice Crofton, Mike Ashmore, Pam Zeutenhorst, Meredith Eaton

PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD:  No comments offered

CALL TO ORDER at 10:05 am at the Randall Student Center, Univ. of Maine Augusta


A.    Introductions of both Commissioners and guests were made.
B.     Five MCCS members had correct quiz answers and were recognized.
C.     Announcements
- Change in VISTA Leaders for MVP. This is the last day of service for VISTA Leaders Eileen Buzzello and Erin Dunne. The Chair and Executive Director recognized both for their outstanding efforts that lead to a very strong Maine VISTA project. Eileen is returning to Nebraska and a third year of VISTA. Erin has accepted a job in the AmeriCorps division of Goodwill Industries. The new VISTA leader, Edie Davis, was introduced. A second VISTA Leader position remains open and the search continues for someone to fill it.  
- Commissioner resignation. Andrew McLean was elected to the Maine legislature and will not be able to serve on the Commission any longer. His resignation creates an opening for the seat of someone 16-25 years old engaged in service.
- AmeriCorps NCCC schedule for accepting project proposals. The information is linked under reports and is an opportunity for Commissioners to reach out to towns with a resource for a 6-8 week project.
-- Since there was not a quorum in the room, it was noted that votes could not be taken. Anyone attending by phone could participate in discussions but their participation does not add to the quorum count.
D.    Additions or Deletions to Agenda. The report on Volunteer Generation grant year 1 impact was added. It had been requested in October.


A. Joint Mayor/Governor Initiative under current AmeriCorps*State NOFO.
The parameters for the grant opportunity were reviewed. The application is submitted through the Commission as part of the AmeriCorps Competitive grant. The reasons for approaching Bangor and the city's interest were discussed. On Monday, 11/19, there will be a scoping meeting with city and local service providers to review the grant opportunity.


A.CNCS Grantees in Maine: Impact Report.
1. Volunteer Generation grant accomplishment report from first year. Pam shared a one-page summary of the grant's year-end report to the federal funder. She reviewed some of the highlights and discussed the progress. Overall, the work is meeting or exceeding targets and is making progress with regard to developing the statewide infrastructure to support Maine's volunteer sector. (Handout posted after meeting under Reports.)
2. This month the program presentation was from  the AmeriCorps*State: Multilingual Leadership Corps was the external presenter this month. Joely Ross and Jen Craven gave an overview of this new program (2 months old) operating under a grant to Goodwill Industries of Northern New England. (Slide presentation posted after meeting under Reports.)
B. Maine VISTA Project. Meredith gave an update on the changes and finances for year two of the Maine VISTA Project which is jointly administered by CNCS and the Commission. The project year started in August and there have been some changes in sites. The Commission receives $34,000 for managing the project. We collect the local share of costs that must be paid to CNCS and ensure the payments are made.


A. Minutes of October Board Meeting
No errors or omissions were noted. Acceptance motion deferred to Executive Committee due to quorum issue.

B. Executive Committee.
1. Memorandum of Agreement with Southern Maine COAD.  A point of information request elicited explanation that the organization has now formally become a nonprofit and this agreement puts on paper the way MCCS and SMCOAD have been working together for a number of years. Motion to approve will be acted upon by Executive Committee at its December meeting.
2. MCCS application for Support Funds (its operating funds). The budget submitted to CNCS was posted for review. There were no questions or comments.
3. Respond to any questions about November notes posted. There were no questions or corrections to the notes posted.

C. Grants Task Force
1. Recommendations on funding year 3 of Volunteer Generation grantees. The task force report omitted a paragraph in the posted version that summarized the United Way of York County Continuation. The posted task force minutes will be amended to add the information.

The chair of the task force presented the following motions from the committee to be acted upon by the Executive Committee at its December meeting:

a)      Move that United Way of Androscoggin County be funded in the amount of $ 7,575.00 to be matched with $ 7,837.00 under the condition that the grantee submit a sustainability plan within 90 days
b)      Move that United Way of Eastern Maine be funded in the amount of $ 24,836.00 to be matched with $ 24,989 (with no conditions).
c)      Move that United Way of the Greater Portland be funded in the amount of $ 33,000 to be matched with no less than $33,000 under the condition that the grantee submits a corrected budget prior to funding.
d)     Move that United Way of Midcoast Maine be funded in the amount of $ 29,000 to be matched with $ 29,041 under the conditions: (1) that the grantee submits copies of the noted policies within 30 days, and (2) that the grantee submits a sustainability plan within 90 days.
e)      Move that United Way of the TriValley Area be funded in the amount of $ 33,000 to be matched with no less than $ 33,000 under the condition that the grantee submits a corrected budget prior to funding.
f)       Move that United Way of York County be funded be funded in the amount of $ 23,674 to be matched with $ 46,265 (with no conditions).

There were no questions or concerns voiced by members present. The approvals are individual motions because various members of the board have to abstain from particular votes. It was also noted that Joan McDonald would have to abstain from all because her organization is funded by the entities applying for grants. For that reason, she also did not participate in the reviews.

2. Sign up for Peer Reviewers (readers) for AmeriCorps panels. New Commissioners are asked to serve as peer reviewers. The period for work begins November 26 and goes through the middle of December.

D. Board Development
1. Recruitment for open seat. Board members should feel free to discuss the opening with potential candidates and, if they are interested, relay contact information to task force members.
2. Meeting dates. The task force has established 9am on the day of commission business meetings as their regular meeting time.

E. Public Information and Education/ Public Policy
1. Update from November 15 meeting. Meeting was postponed.

F. Excellence and Expertise.
1. Blaine House Conference final data report. Meredith had shared an initial data report last month. The surveys and evaluations are all submitted now so the final report was distributed. No clarifications were requested.
2. November 9 meeting update. Minutes of the task force were posted. No members asked questions or for clarifications.

G. Service-learning
1. Minutes of the November 8 task force meeting were posted. No members asked questions or for clarifications.

H. Resource Development
1. Meeting notes were posted. The task force members have scheduled a meeting with the Maine Community Foundation for November 28. Minutes of the task force were posted. No members asked questions or for clarifications.

H. CNCS field office update. No one was present to provide this.

I. MCCS Staff
1. No clarifications of staff posted reports were requested by Commissioners.

Meeting adjourned at 12:25 pm