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Communications Task Force

December 4, 2012


December 4, 2013

Commissioners Present:  John Portela (Chair); Susan Austin; Susan Lavigne; Dwane Hubert

Commissioners Absentt: Lindsey Oliver, Mary-Anne LaMarre

Staff:  Meredith Eaton & Pam Zeutenhorst

Guests:  No guest indicated their presence.

1.       Overview of PIE/Public Policy Task Forces Responsibilities - John & Pam

I.        One page handout with responsibilities of Public Information & Education Task Force and Public Policy Task Force reviewed to orient/refresh Commissioners about task forces.  For the past three years, PIE and Public Policy have convened joint meetings because of content overlap.  If needed, the Task Forces convene separately on an ad hoc basis to address specific issues.

II.      Clarification of Task Force Assignments;

§  PIE: John Portela (chair);  Lindsey Oliver; Susan Austin; Susan Levigne

§  Public Policy:  John Portela (chair); Dwane Hubert;  Mary-Anne LaMarre

III.    Discussion about impact to Commission regarding new fiscal agent (DOE) and impact, if any, to Commissions' ability to educate State Legislators regarding impacts of state policy.

IV.    Request that state statute regarding establishment of the Commission be sent to Task Force members - Link to statute:   Refer §7501-7504

V.      Clarification after meeting ended:  The Joint Standing Committee on State & Local Government oversees the Commission.  This is the same as when State Planning Office was the fiscal agent.

2.       Review Strategic Plan with PIE assignments - Summary provided in handout on PIE/Public Policy.  Complete 2010-2013 Strategic Plan Task Force assignments posted on Group Hub.

3.       Outreach to new legislators

I.        Executive Committee planning to send welcome messages to all freshman legislators

II.      Recommend sending message to all state reps

§  Freshman message

§  Returning message

III.    Include in both messages invitation to stop in & meet the staff

§  Have materials ready for Legislators when the stop by

  • Annual Report
  • Return on Investment
  • One-pager targeted to State Legislatures - I.e. In addition to Commission info -include info on CNCS program by district, info on Volunteering in America & Civic Life stats when released. ACTION ITEM: Staff to draft document & send to Task Force members for review prior to Jan 2013 meeting.

4.       Governor's Awards for Service & Volunteerism

I.        Different structure this year - forming ad hoc planning committee to coordinate the awards ceremony.  Legislative outreach & fundraising will remain responsibility of PIE.  Susan Austin volunteered to service on Awards Planning Committee.

5.       2013 Fed Budget Update -  No new information - (Last update in October 2012 Board Minutes)

6.       2013 CNCS 20th Anniversary - CNCS will be celebrating its 20th anniversary Sept 2013.  ACTION ITEM:  PIE to develop messaging regarding CNCS 20th anniversary while acknowledging National Service Programs that existed prior to the Corporation.

BACKGROUND INFO:  In 1993, the Corporation for National and Community Service was established by the National and Community Service Trust Act. The Corporation merged the work and staffs of two predecessor agencies, ACTION and the Commission on National and Community Service.

At its inception, the Corporation was directed to manage three main programs:

I.        The newly created Senior Corps, which incorporated the longstanding Foster Grandparents, RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program), and Senior Companion programs;

II.      The newly created AmeriCorps, which incorporated the longstanding VISTA, the new National Civilian Community Corps programs, and the full-time demonstration program that had been established under the 1990 Act; and

III.    Learn and Serve America, formerly known as Serve America.