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Communications Task Force

November 13, 2018

Present: Maryalice Crofton, Jamie Logan, John Portela, Maria Staples, Jenni Tilton-Flood

The meeting convened by teleconference at 4:00 PM. 

Discussion about the revised infographic and its target audience. Maryalice will ask the designer to create a graphic to convey the identity statement so it is more approachable for the audience which includes non-profits, legislators, municipal officials, and others who require a quick overview of MCCS. It was also decided that including VolunteerMaine branding should be delayed so that an actual rebrand launch can be most effective and the messaging doesn’t get confused. 

The MCCS Chair traditionally sends a letter to all legislators at the convening of a new legislature. Jamie will draft the letter and send to task force members for input/approval. Goal for the letter to be signed by Celeste and distributed is swearing-in day in early December. The letter should include highlights from the recently released civic engagement report, useful information about MCCS, and highlights of the work being done by Americorps members across Maine. 

Discussion about the key message. Task force members will consider ways to incorporate the identity statement into the key message and the task force will discuss at the next meeting. 

The task force should be aware that the MCCS annual report will be provided to legislators and Celeste will present on MCCS to the committee of jurisdiction. 

Discussion about the possibility of combining the Blaine House conference with the Governor’s Service Awards in order to increase attendance at and raise the profile of both events. 

Jamie will send out a meeting survey for early to mid-December. At that meeting the goal is to settle on a regularly scheduled monthly day and time for future meetings.